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Three Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Beauty Sleep

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Many of us go to different lengths to make our skin and hair looking good and fresh. Some get themselves anti-hair-fall conditioner and shampoo, while others turn to natural beauty products to avoid toxic ingredients and live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our bathroom and vanity tables are likely filled with beauty products, from your recent Amazon haul to an unrivaled selection of makeup from Sephora. That’s why when it comes to beauty routines, the choices are simply endless. The internet also offers millions of articles related to makeup reviews and skincare tips. But if there’s one thing we often hear, it would be the importance of getting a good night’s rest.

Sleep is necessary to achieve the overall wellness of the body, mind, and soul. It’s also a key element of beauty and youth. But despite the many benefits of restful and complete sleep, many of us still struggle to set a regular sleep schedule and sleep early every night. So if you think you’re not getting the benefits of your daytime skincare routine, it might be the perfect time to amp up your beauty sleep to get the most amazing results.

Below are some ways to maximize your beauty rest, including its health benefits.

Set a nightly routine

Developing an evening routine trains the mind and body to prepare before bedtime. Doing it repeatedly will encourage the body to associate certain behaviors and actions with your beauty rest.

The idea is somewhat similar to Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment, where it trains the dog to associate the sound of a bell with food. As a result, each time the bell rings, the dog starts to salivate in response to the sound.

The same idea applies to sleeping. You need to follow a set of relaxing activities to alert the mind and body that it’s bedtime. These activities include reading a book, meditating, journal writing, sketching, and taking a warm bath.

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Use the bedroom only for resting

Experts suggest avoiding any activity in the bedroom except for sleeping or spending intimate moments with your partner. Using the bed for intimacy and beauty rest will encourage your mind to form an association between sleep and the bed.

Remove any entertainment consoles in your room since their rightful place belongs in the living room and not near the bed. Avoid checking your laptop, tablet, phone, or other electronic gadgets a few hours before sleeping. Also, avoid eating on the bed, particularly midnight snacks. But more importantly, don’t do work and any other stress-inducing tasks while in the bedroom.

The main point is that your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should serve as a relaxing spot to keep all the negativity and stress out. This way, you can use the bed for sleep and intimacy and nothing else.

Sleep and wake up at similar times

Sleeping early every other day isn’t enough to maximize the benefits of your beauty rest. Experts say you should sleep and wake up at the same time each day according to the circadian rhythm or the body’s natural sleep cycle.

To establish a regular sleep schedule, set a bedtime that’s early enough to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. The challenge lies in how you will stick with your schedule. The secret lies in selecting your wake-up time before going to work or school, then counting the time backward. For example, if you wake up at 7:00 a.m., your bedtime should be at 11:00 p.m.

Having a sleep schedule is not only applicable during weekdays but also on the holidays and weekends. While it’s tempting to stay awake late at night and do your unfinished tasks, the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep still outweigh everything.

It’s also worth noting that sleeping early after a bad night’s sleep worsens insomnia. This is according to the Sleep Research Society and the American Academic of Sleep Medicine, where experts say that taking naps to compensate for a sleepless night makes it harder to get a night of normal and healthy sleep. So whether you feel tired or slept well, make it a habit to sleep and wake up at the same time.

Getting a complete night of sleep is a struggle for most of us, considering our ever-busy schedules and endless distractions around us. Still, it’s important to value the power of sleep to help the body rejuvenate and repair itself from all the stresses of our daily lives. So before you sleep tonight, why not follow our suggestions above to reap the skin benefits of your beauty rest!

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