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Making the Most Out of Life: How to Become an Interesting Person

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Interesting people have their ways of attracting people surrounding them. They lead an unconventional way of life. The experiences they have amassed makes them great storytellers. They always have information to share with anyone they may come across. The question is, how did they manage to become an interesting person?

While there are people who are naturally born with it, other people can still learn how to become one as they move forward in life. Here are a few habits to make one an interesting person:

1. Gain New Skills

It is always interesting to see somebody who is always in motion, always learning, always improving, and never staying in one place. When a person has multiple skills, he instantly becomes interesting. Why? They can be of help to other people. They will always have something to offer or contribute in many situations.

From learning how to speak Spanish to knowing how to change tires, it pays to keep developing new skills. Having lots of skills makes a person a go-to person, someone many people can rely on, whether a friend needs help with a few Spanish words to prepare for a trip to Puerto Rico or a flat tire.

2. Start a Business

Being able to build a business—regardless of whether it is a huge empire or a humble home-based business—always leave people in awe.

Owning a business is no easy feat. When someone starts a business, they position themselves outside their comfort zones. This exhibits passion for pursuing dreams. And, having the courage to pursue a dream despite challenges is always inspiring and admirable.

Take Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, for example; they are not even in the show business, but the number of times people google them is pretty impressive. Who are they? Right, people in business.

Starting a business does not always require hundreds of thousands of starting capital. Begin small and make use of what is already available at your disposal.

Already started a business? Expand. Take advantage of your citizenship’s benefits. Check with the local government on what type of capital allowances for small businesses you can claim. This will allow business owners like you to acquire a new vehicle, new machine, or even renovate their places of business.

3. Listen and Show Your Interest with Other People’s Interests

It is not all the time being impressive is inspiring to other people; sometimes, it can cause bitterness and jealousy, too. To discourage this, listen to other people and show genuine interest in what they have to say.

When someone is an active listener, it means they can follow along and contribute to the conversation—this shows being fully present with the person in front of them.

To be an interesting person, stop waiting for your time to shine and start being interested in other people’s interests first.

4. Live an Unconventional Life

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Embrace the weirdness and be true to oneself. This means having the courage to wear that black dress even though the rest is wearing pink. The person reading this article is probably not in junior high school anymore, so stop dressing, talking, and acting like everybody else.

To live an unconventional life means to break loose from the status quo, break free from conformity, and live on their own terms.

5. Read Books—lots of it.

One common denominator of interesting people is they are always thirsty for new learning. To them, the world has never-ending possibilities. They are always curious, and they feed their curiosity with books. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, with his larger-than-life ideas, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting people in the world today. Before becoming a space genius, he was reading two books a day in his younger years.

A book is a window to a world that is different from the person reading it. Reading is an opportunity to be in someone else’s shoes and see things from a different perspective, thus making a person more open-minded and interesting.

6. Smile

It helps people look more attractive, sociable, and confident. Most of all, a smile leaves people curious–making them more interested in the person.

A fascinating person can make a huge advantage in life and at work. They are most likely to be likeable, and people enjoy their company. They can positively impact anyone they may come across in life. To become an interesting person is no rocket science—everybody has the potential to be one. A person does not have to be rich or a genius; you just need to be you and develop the habits that can make you a better version of yourself.

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