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Make Yourself Look Fresh and Camera-ready for Your Next Zoom Meeting

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When you’re stuck at home with Zoom meetings or voice calls being your only form of contact with your colleagues or friends, it can be easy to forget about your appearance. After all, when you’re home all the time, the way you look might not be your priority. But that’s exactly why it’s all the more important to look your best during the few times other people will get to see you.

Dressing for the appropriate occasion is just as important now as it was before the pandemic. If you’re self-conscious of your appearance or haven’t been keeping up with your skincare routine over quarantine, here are four effective ways to make yourself not only look but feel camera-ready for your next Zoom meeting!

One: dress up

Even though it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas, it does get boring. If you’re looking for a way to not only boost your productivity but also make working from home more exciting, then don’t be afraid to dress to the tens. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, dressing the way you would if you were in the office could help put you into the right mood to get your work done.

Studies have shown that dressing up can have a positive effect on your work performance. Aside from making you feel like you’re in the office and not at home, dressing for the part you want is one of the basic rules of fashion. If you want to feel productive and successful, then dress in a way that conveys that.

Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good impression on your boss when you show up to the Zoom meeting in a sleek and professional outfit. Dressing up can do wonders to your mood, especially when every day can often feel monotonous, and give you a sense of normalcy, especially in these trying times.

Two: wear makeup

In the same vein as dressing up, going the extra mile and putting some makeup on, even if it’s just foundation and concealer, could make a world of difference. Aside from hiding little blemishes, like eye bags and pimples from all the late nights, the right makeup can elevate your whole appearance. Or if you’re just too lazy to dress up and your camera only shows you from the neck up, putting some makeup on will still show that you put in the effort to look good. And if you aren’t that proficient in it, now is the perfect time to learn!

Three: basic hygiene goes a long way

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Listen, we get it. Sometimes just finding the energy to take a shower can be difficult. But when you finally do, it’s always gratifying the difference it makes. After you’ve scrubbed yourself clean and washed off all the dirt and grime, it feels satisfying, and we’re sure everyone around you will appreciate the effort.

Beyond just taking a shower, brushing your teeth is another way to keep up your hygiene. Not only will your breath be so much fresher after, but now you won’t feel too self-conscious about smiling and showing off those pearly whites on camera.

If you’re insecure about your crooked teeth or have some overbite, you can get clear or invisible aligners, which work just as well as regular braces but have the added benefit of not being as conspicuous. Other than that, combing or brushing your hair is the least that you can do. Styling it nicely, like in a neat braid, is a bonus! Never underestimate the power of basic hygiene.

Four: compliment yourself

Seriously, try it! Tell yourself that you look nice today. Pat yourself on the back after you take a shower. Acknowledge the fact that you’re trying something new by putting on makeup you usually wouldn’t wear. Find little things about your appearance that you like and focus on that. Sure, getting compliments from others is great, but learning to compliment yourself can be just as rewarding when you know firsthand all the time and effort you put into your appearance.

Find something that you genuinely like about your appearance, however small it may be, and be proud of it. Be proud of yourself. Because when you genuinely like the way you look, that energy will find its way outward and show in how you carry yourself. Self-love can be a process that is often not linear. But complimenting yourself when no one else will be a great start to building up that confidence.

Although beauty shouldn’t only be skin-deep, making sure that you look great, even over video, not only shows people that you’re putting in the effort but also makes you feel good about yourself. The most important thing to always keep in mind is that it’s never too late to try something new and change up your routine now and again. Just deciding to try something new is already a thing to be proud of! No matter if you’re trying out a new style or a whole new outlook, take pride in what you already have and in the improvements you’re making.

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