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Looking Rugged: What You Need To Achieve That Manly Look

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Some see a rugged man as strong and powerful, just like in the movies. But it isn’t easy looking unkempt without getting nasty look from people.

Having said this, getting that rugged style perfectly will take some work and good taste. You don’t just wear denim from head to toe, they should be the right fit and denim tone.

Simply put, you want to dress to impress without changing your style. Here are some style tips you should check out and follow. Find out how to dress rugged the right way.

Keeping and Smelling Clean

One of the things you’ll need to pay attention to is your grooming. Many people assume that when you go rugged, you can let your hair and beard go wild. While this “mountain man” look has its fans, it’s much better to go for something in between.

Rugged hairstyles may look like the owner left it to grow out, but a truly masculine look requires some cutting and grooming. Many men like the Viking-style haircuts, with some parts growing wild combined with shaved parts. A better rugged look would be a simple undercut with the hair slicked back.

A more important part of ruggedness is facial hair. The best approach is to go with a full beard, but it needs proper grooming. You can achieve a healthy, well-groomed beard by using beard oil. Use it to style your beard, keep it clean, and to give it a manly scent that will drive the ladies wild.

If you need some help imagining the right beard style for you, take some cues from these hot celebrities.

Functional Clothes

Another essential part of the masculine rugged look is to have the right clothes for it. Your personal style should be based on functionality and simplicity. They should make you stylish while allowing you to get down and dirty. For example, the clothes you wear should allow you to do some diesel engine repair or any other hard work without any worries. There are several things to look out for.

One factor to consider is the fabric. You want tough fabrics like denim and flannel. Flannel is a great fabric overall because of its durability and warmth. Made from wool, cotton, or synthetic materials, flannel was a favorite among the frontiersmen of the 19th century. This is where its association with the rugged style comes from. Denim also has a similar history.

The clothes themselves should be well-made and allow for maximum freedom of movement. These clothes are for people who work and that should be obvious.

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The Right Accessories

Besides the basic layer of clothing, you should also consider accessories. These include jackets and footwear. The classic leather jacket is another favorite, but a denim jacket completes the ensemble of a rugged style.

While no one wears hats anymore, men who want a bit of a cowboy look can get away with broad-brimmed hats, like Indiana Jones’ favorite fedora.

As for footwear, there is nothing like a solid pair of boots. You want shoes that will stand in any environment and not some flimsy pair that won’t handle the outdoors.

Your pants shouldn’t be too tight or baggy. Choose “straight-cut” or “relaxed fit” when shopping for jeans. Denim pants are a staple for the rugged look but get pairs in dark or medium wash.

The rugged style is all about utility. The focus should be finding clothes that are functional and durable that you are comfortable in.

Get in Shape

Besides the right clothes, you need to show that you are the genuine article by getting in shape. A bad body shape can render the rugged look ridiculous. Add strength exercises to your regular workout. You don’t need to be overly muscled to pull it off. The main goal is to get that excess fat off and achieve the physique.

Doing physical work can help with this. Start chopping wood or doing heavy work around the house. Besides getting fit, it also gives you the confidence of being comfortable in your own body.

Emphasizing a rugged style should be all about no-effort styling. You need to be able to wake up in the morning and throw on your clothes without looking back. It will take a bit of effort to get into the habit, but it is worth the results. People will give you a second look when you do it right.

Most importantly, achieving a rugged look shouldn’t sacrifice style, class and hygiene. Walking around looking like you haven’t showered for days is never sexy. Women look for guys who can look dangerous but still smell good.

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