List: 8 Great Experiences and Achievements to Tick Off by Age 30

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They say that life, indeed, is short and too unpredictable. This uncertainty makes it important to do as much as possible with every waking hour one is fortunate to have. By making every second count, one can live life fully and make it a worthwhile existence.

If you’re currently thinking of ways how you can live a meaningful life, there are some great ideas that you can try. By ticking off these experiences and achievements, you’ll surely find life more enjoyable and full of essence. Here are eight great achievements and experiences that you should have by age 30:

1. Get your own house.

Regardless of age, having your own house is easily among the top priorities that you should have. Not everyone can tick off this item because of the financial investment involved in buying a home. However, you should make it a top goal to motivate you to work hard and succeed in life. You can make things easier on your end by shopping for mortgage companies or banks that are willing to offer housing loans at low-interest rates. You might need to get in touch with a mortgage broker to facilitate the transaction or go direct to the financial institution of your choice.

2. Live in another city.

Time will come when you have to be independent of your parents (if you’ve not reached that point yet, that is). A great way to practice living independently is to try living in another for at least a year. By being on your own, you’ll learn valuable life lessons that you’ll benefit from once you’ve decided to start your own family. You’ll know how to troubleshoot things, make sound financial and life decisions, and learn domestic chores.

3. Save for the rainy days.

celebrating small wins

You won’t be young forever or financially secure for a very long time. One day you’re living like royalty, the next day you can hardly get by financially. If you don’t want to end up banging your head for not making financial preparations for the rainy days, then you should begin saving up right now. It doesn’t matter if you’ll save $50 or $100 each month, just save something. If you’ll believe the experts’ advice, then you’ll spend only after you’ve saved money and not the other way around.

4. Go on a vacation far away or do adventure sport at least once.

It’s hard to beat the natural high that one gets by engaging in an adventure sport like skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, or cliff diving. The same can be said about traveling to a breathtaking tourist spot and immersing oneself in local culture and tradition. These reasons make taking a vacation far from your home and trying out an adventure sport truly among the best things that you should experience before hitting 30.

5. Settle your student debt.

If you still have a big amount remaining on your student debt, then paying it off by age 30 should be a nice goal to have. Settling your debt on your own is an excellent sign of being a responsible adult, and you’ll surely get a deep sense of satisfaction and pride once you’ve managed to cross it out of this list.

6. Learn a foreign language.

If you plan to live elsewhere or if you just want to expand your linguistic repertoire, then taking your time to learn a foreign language is a perfect idea. You can hire a private tutor or take special classes in a university or language clinic to do this. You can choose between Mandarin, French, German, or any other language that you fancy.

7. Start a small business.

Starting your own business is not easy given the financial investment and time that you have to dedicate to running it. But if you’re the type of person who loves a good challenge, then this is one item from this bucket list that’s worth ticking off. You can try enrolling in a crash course or finding a great business mentor to show you the ropes of the trade to improve your chances of success.

8. Get a degree.

Whether it’s a college or a Master’s (or a Doctorate if you’re that studious), getting a degree is one of those life achievements that everybody should strive for. While there are successful people who didn’t have a college degree, it’s not a chance that you should take. So, be sure to steady well to get your degree and enhance your chances of landing a high-paying job and enjoying a financially secure future.

Which of these items have you achieved already? Which of them do you intend on crossing out soon?

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