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Like You’re There: The Best Tours You Can Take Now From Your Living Room

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It was already hard to go to tourist spots before the pandemic, but it’s made even harder right now because of the precautions and different requirements to complete. It seems like most of the world should wait for the vaccines to be handed out and the situation to cool down before setting off on an adventure.

For most of us that can’t wait to use the money we gained from investing in real estate or other kinds of investments, there are virtual tours, which can be done from your room. It’s not the same experience as seeing, say, Machu Picchu up close or going up the Eiffel Tower in person, but now, it’s the next best thing.

If you want to try them out, see these great virtual tours you can take right now:

The Colosseum in Italy

There are many Wonders of the World that you can visit through virtual tours. You can choose to go to the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, and Chichen Itza. The Colosseum stands out among these Wonders because of its tragic and violent past.

The Colosseum came from antiquity and is the site of many gladiators sacrificing their lives. Now, it stands as a monument of times long past, a symbol of Rome’s once-dominant might. It is also one of the treasures of antiquity, which stands eerily silent sans the usual crowds that line up for a chance to explore the inner sanctums of the former arena.

The Vatican Museums in Italy

Thanks to the film “Angels and Demons”, many are wondering whether the Vatican Museums also hold many secrets withheld purposely from humanity. They may not have that many, but most of the displays are open to the public. There are more that have been opened, thanks to its very own virtual tour.

The website of the Vatican Museum offers a virtual tour through different wings, including the Sistine Chapel, the Salone Sistino, and the so-named Profane Museum. You can even try to do your own investigation and make your own conspiracy theories as you explore the different wings of the museum.

The Yellowstone National Park in the U.S.

There are many national parks in the US but among the most famous is the Yellowstone National Park. The only thing making any noise there right now are the geysers, as the familiar crowds find themselves at home. It’s for everyone’s safety. There is a way you can go there right now, though, as they are offering their own version of the virtual tour.

There are also virtual tours offered by Mount Rushmore and the Yosemite National Park. If you ever find yourself a world away from the national parks or can’t make the trip physically, then the virtual travel and tour is a welcome substitute for the real thing.

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The Grand Canyon in the U.S.

The Grand Canyon Virtual Reality Experience comes to you via the $2.99 copy from Immersive Entertainment. In it, you get to travel through the Canyon while riding a virtual kayak. You can also experience different lightings to highlight the tour. Fancy a sunlit ride through the river? You can do that. If you want to go on a moonlit trip, that’s available too.

Each of the images you see on the trip is procedurally generated. You can get to experience the sights and sounds as well as the flora and fauna of the Canyon without having to go there. You must try out feeding the virtual fish as well.

Outer Space

If you fancy a trip to the planetarium, why not try Titans of Space PLUS? This DrashVR LLC experience helps you travel out into the vast reaches of space, exploring our very own Solar System. Not bad for a trip while staying at home, eh?

The app gives you the feeling of riding to space through a theme park-style ride. It’s not only our Solar System you can visit. You can choose to travel away from the familiar reaches of Pluto and go beyond, seeing different planets and moons along the way. You can also learn more about the planets as you read through the factoids provided for them.

While some may prefer video games to satisfy their boredom at home, the travelers will go for a virtual tour. There are many other virtual tours accessible out there. If you so choose, pick one that will satisfy your curiosity as well as make you feel you’ve traveled half a world away – or out of the world.

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