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Keeping Your Home Cozy in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led many families to spend most of their time indoors. In fact, some entrepreneurs have been running their businesses digitally in the comfort of their homes. Others have been working from home (WFH) due to the pandemic protocols. Even children have been out of the classrooms and have pursued online classes while staying indoors.

Given all these, it’s best to transform your house during the pandemic. In fact, home improvement projects have surged among many homeowners since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. If you haven’t done so yet, consider turning your house into the most comfortable place to stay.

That said, here are a few ways you can keep your home cozy during the pandemic:

1. Perform Home Cleaning and Maintenance

House cleaning is paramount for every household or family. For the most part, you perform regular cleaning to keep your residential place free of the novel coronavirus. But doing so also ensures the comfort level of your home.

It’s best to perform daily cleaning like making the bed, sweeping the floor, and doing the dishes right away. Also, pay particular attention to high-touch surfaces such as the doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and tables. Plus, don’t forget to ensure quality air circulation by conducting regular air vent and duct cleaning. Lastly, be sure to disinfect your house using EPA-approved disinfectants.

2. Carry Out Home Improvement Projects

Pursuing home improvement projects is best during the pandemic. Whether partial or full-house renovation, it can boost your home’s comfort level. But of course, it depends on your property’s current conditions and family’s needs.

For home remodeling projects, carry out a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, or basement finishing. You can also tackle some tradesman’s works such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance, plumbing repair, and roof and gutter cleaning. Plus, consider insulating your house, particularly the attic, siding, basement, and crawlspace.

3. Update Your Heating and Cooling Systems

The home temperature is crucial in ensuring overall household comfort. As much as possible, be sure to regulate your heating and cooling systems at home. Not only does temperature control help maintain your house’s comfort level, but it will also help reduce your energy consumption and save up on your energy bills.

That said, make sure you conduct (HVAC) system inspections and maintenance twice a year. Be sure to get the air conditioning unit checked in the spring and the furnace in the fall. While at it, address minor issues so that they won’t escalate into major problems. With all these steps, you’ll keep your home comfortable all year round!

4. Invest in Smart Home Appliances and Systems

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to inspect your home appliances and systems. First, see if they are old and outdated and factor in their aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, and safety. Lastly, consider how they can contribute to your home’s comfort level.

The best course of action is to invest in smart home appliances and systems. Sure, they might be costly at first, but they can pay off in the long run. Not only will they help reduce your energy use and save on your monthly bills, but they can significantly boost your home comfort level.

5. Decorate Your House

There are many ways to decorate your house. However, your home project will all boil down to what you want to achieve and how to keep your house cozy. Here are some home interior design projects to pursue:

  • Interior Lighting: Consider three types of lighting: ambient lighting (for general illumination), task lighting (for specific tasks at home), and accent lighting (for highlighting certain parts of your house). Proper lighting will improve your home’s atmosphere, thus making you and your family comfortable.
  • Interior Painting: Inspect your home’s interior wall paint and see if it has already faded in time or if it looks dull and outdated. Consider repainting your walls, as it can significantly transform the overall appearance of your house.
  • Home Decor Installation: Consider purchasing home decors and installing them in different parts of your house. You can either pursue a DIY project or work with an interior designer. Keeping your house aesthetically appealing can also make your home comfortable.
  • Indoor Planting: It’s a good idea to grow plants, shrubs, flowers, and even vegetation inside your house. Consider setting up a hydroponic system so that you need not worry about requiring soil. Ultimately, having indoor plants will beautify your home, purify the indoor air, boost your focus and productivity, and keep you and your family comfortable.

At this point, you now know how to make your home cozy, whatever is happening outside. All it takes is to perform house cleaning and home improvement projects. While at it, update your heating and cooling systems, invest in home appliances, and decorate your house. Ultimately, all these crucial steps will make your home cozy for you and your family.

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