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Keeping Contaminants Away From Your Air Ducts

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A contaminated air duct may pose a myriad of problems for our families, ranging from potential expenses to serious health hazards. There are a number of reasons for duct contamination. Our homes accumulate dust and debris over time, and while that’s natural, it’s when other more detrimental contaminants like mold, nesting pests, bacteria, and slime come into play that we need to call a duct cleaning professional in Reno.

The following measures are among the things we can do to prevent the contamination of our air ducts.

First Things First: Preventive Measures

Prevention, as they say, is better than the cure. To put it bluntly, it’s best not to wait until someone is suffering from some sort of respiratory disorder before having your ducts checked. Conducting routine inspections and scheduling duct cleaning every now and then ensures that the ducts are never problematic enough to cause substantial worry. Don’t forget to regularly change your heating and cooling system filters, too. In fact, make sure to have the unit itself and its components cleaned and checked routinely before a small, unnoticed hitch grows into a problem that’s going to be exponentially more expensive to fix.

Check that the location of your air intakes is not in places with potential sources of contamination so close by.

Be especially wary of water damage and be prompt in its repair, if detected. This will prevent the development of mold and other damaging biological contaminants caused by moisture in the ducts.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Developing positive and consistent housekeeping habits among household members will help keep contaminants away – not just from your air ducts, really, but from your home in general. Hold general cleaning sessions at least once a fortnight, and make an active effort to not let dust and other forms of grime build up anywhere in the house. If dirt covers the house’s habitable spaces in easily visible thin sheets, how much more dust do you think has been building up in generally unseen and unkempt places, like your air ducts?

Other Things To Remember

cleaning Air Ducts

Renovations and other such things occasionally necessary in the house must be done with the state and maintenance of your air ducts in mind. Seal ductwork during those times to protect it from the dust and debris that will be generated from the construction. Moreover, new ducts must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and oil before installation to prevent contamination.

If you hear the distinct sound that signifies that critters, rodents, and other pests might have found their way into your air ducts, call a professional to deal with it. Sure, there’s a number of DIY mouse-proofing techniques available for your use. However, not to even mention its hygienic consequences, dealing with the problem on your own might can cause more harm than good. Have an expert duct cleaner check and clean them.

Air duct contamination in our homes means bad indoor air quality, and this is detrimental to our health. Rodents cause even more harm in that they are more active than the other kinds of contamination. They have been known to damage home devices and important wiring. If you suspect any signs of contamination, scheduling a duct cleaning and inspection is essential.

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