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Keeping an Active Lifestyle While at Home

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An active lifestyle is often seen as having a consistent exercise regimen. Gym subscriptions were a big trend before the pandemic happened. Most people became more conscious about being physically fit. Everyone has their version of fitness goals.

But, the past year had people staying inside their homes longer than the ordinary. Gym subscriptions were on hold. People juggled responsibilities and adjusted to new situations. Fitness goals started to fade in the background. This year, the sense of normalcy is still a distant thing for some places. Does this mean that an active lifestyle has to take a backseat? The answer would have to be a resounding “no!” With a little ingenuity, one can find so many ways to stay active even while spending most of their time at home. Here are some ideas.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work

If you have the kind of hands that make everything bloom, then you have a good workout available. Gardening needs a lot of hard work. What is beautiful is that you would not notice that you are exercising. Strengthen your muscles as you lift water cans and pots. Digging and raking are excellent ways to burn your calories. All the activities you do while you garden can help exercise your muscles. This includes your legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, neck, arms, and shoulders. They can also help you improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

There is joy in seeing a garden bloom, knowing that you have sweated out to make it that way. Aside from the physical workout, gardening is also good for your mental health. A thing of beauty is always a relaxing thing. You can even add more aesthetics to your garden by having your backyard enclosed with a vinyl fence. Your serotonin levels will increase by being in the midst of your beautiful corner.

Pursue a Cleaning Workout

Some people avoid cleaning their homes like the plague. They see it as a monotonous chore that they want to put off as long as they can. But, cleaning can serve as an amazing way to stay fit and active.

Lifting couches or beds, or even a part of these pieces of furniture, to sweep under can burn many calories. Washing windows gives you a good stretch and improves your balance. Mopping or using the vacuum can turn into a lunge exercise. It is a good exercise for your lower body muscles and abdomen. Thus, before you dodge another chore, think of it as a free workout instead. You will have a clean house as a reward, too.

Prepare a Complicated Recipe


Some people prefer quick-and-easy meals. But, there are many benefits to a more complex meal. One is the boost in mental health as you see yourself do all the steps in the recipe. Another is the nutritional value you get out of it.

Also, one hidden benefit of preparing a complex recipe is the mini-exercise session you get out of it. Walk around your pantry as you gather all your ingredients. Do not only stretch as you reach for a pot or condiment on higher shelves. Try to hold that stretch for a few seconds. Do some squats as you check the progress of your meal in the oven. If the meal needs a longer time to boil or bake, you do not have to wait sitting down. Turn up a happy tune and dance around while waiting.

Play with Your Pooch

Having a dog is a big responsibility. But, they prove to be faithful companions. They are also great workout buddies who would motivate you to move even if you do not want to.

Taking your dog out for a walk twice a day is already a good exercise routine in itself. Playing catch with them can help your arm muscles. Even having some rough play or some chasing around the living room can help you burn some calories. These small activities can also make you and your canine happy.

Plan Your Breaks

It is easy to tell yourself that you would get a break after ten minutes more of work. Then, you go about your task, and before you know it, two hours have passed by. This scenario is common even in work-from-home set-ups. That is why you need to be intentional with having your break. Set the alarm and step away from your desk.

How can you be active in a few minutes away from your desk? You can do simple stretches or some yoga routine to increase your flexibility. Stepping out on your porch and taking deep breaths is also enough to clear your mind.

Staying at home is not an excuse not to stay active. You do not have to own a home gym to see that your body is in excellent condition. Even mundane activities can turn into a fitness plan if you do it well.

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