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5 Upcoming Interior Design Trends to Keep Up With in 2022

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If you seek to improve your interior decoration, these design trends for 2022 will keep you in style while giving you the freedom to show your personality through on-trend design pieces. Whether you choose to go for minimalism, retro, or nature-inspired design, these trends will keep your space more refined and beautiful for the coming years.


When done right, minimalism greatly accentuates the architectural features of a space. The uncluttered, simple look creates an inviting space that is comfortable and timeless. The key concepts in minimalism are clean lines, simplicity, and less is always more.

This elegant interior design option is also a favorite theme in various events. Clean and contemporary decor, delicate greenery, and neutral colors provide a classic and sophisticated aura to any event. For parties, you can place angular decor for a great backdrop, while you can opt to rent table linen and dinnerware to add charm to your table setting. Here are other design tips if you seek a minimalist space:

  • Create a Neutral Base: Start with clean and fresh base colors like beige and ecru-inspired tones. Subdued hues provide a sense of calm that is essential in a minimalistic interior.
  • Use Different Textures: Since neutral tones can make a room look bland, add some texture to liven things up. You can place beaded pillows, rugs, or knitted throws as long as they’re in the same hue.
  • Mix Functionality and Style: Add multipurpose furniture pieces like storage ottomans and nesting tables. These pieces add character to a space and reduce the clutter that makes it more inviting.

Inspiration From Nature

Nature-inspired spaces are one of the top interior design trends in 2021-2022. The organic appeal of elements like wood, leather, and cotton makes your home more calming. Some popular textures include granite, marble, and wood due to their soothing effect and natural finish.

Letting the sunlight in is one of the cheapest and most beautiful ways of adding a natural element to your home. Natural daylight can enhance the look of your furniture and walls that makes your space more vibrant. It’s a great design element that makes you and your home healthier.

Home Garden

Home gardening is a global trend that emerged during quarantine and will continue in the following years. Plants not only make your home healthier, but they’re also a good interior design element. Add plants in the strongest parts of the house to brighten up your space, but make sure you don’t overcrowd them too much.

  • Succulent: Succulents are a great indoor decor as they provide color and life to your home. Some of them have beautiful flowers that look perfect when displayed in little pots or hanging baskets.
  • Snake Plant: It’s one of the most popular houseplants that grow up to eight feet, making it a good choice for your home design. It also keeps the air healthy by removing harmful toxins.
  • Kentia Palm: This beautiful plant features large palm-shaped leaves and can grow up to ten feet. You can place it in entryways and receiving areas to provide freshness and vibrant color.

70s Style Furnishings

The 70s furnishings feature bright shades and flowing lines that give your space a distinctive and nostalgic ambiance. You can adapt the style to your home by adding accessories like baskets as wall decor or a Turkish-style pouf. Suede vests and fringe rugs are also great for adding texture and visual interest.

Add several rattan pieces as they were popular back in the 70s. A rattan lamp or bookshelf adds a laid-back vibe that is both trendy and classic. Other versatile rattan pieces that can add richness to your space include a rattan chair, bed frame, coffee table, and daybed.

Metal in Decoration

Metallic pieces add solidity to a space, which is why they’re a hot trend that is here to stay. Bring out the beauty of your home by adding brass, chrome, or copper accents that are both versatile and attractive. Use wooden tables with a metal tabletop, install hammered copper countertops, or decorate your wall with metal platters and wall art.

Avoid going over the top by mixing metallic decor in one space. Mix it with softer textures like wool and velvet to let all pieces stand out. Also, balance the color scheme by pairing brass with darker colors, and mix modern palettes with chrome and stainless steel.

Interior design helps people express their preferences and individuality through decorating. As long as they inspire meaning, they will surely turn out amazing in any space. Check out these trends as inspiration if you’re looking to enhance your interior decor in the new year.

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