Interior Decorating Styles That Make Your Home Stand Out

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Many people are staying at home due to the pandemic. While they may be working from home, they still have a lot of time on their hands. They can use this extra time to work on their hobbies, learn a skill, or redecorate their homes’ interior.

If you’re keen on the latter, then you would need to go through the following interior decorating styles that will make your house stand out.

Industrial Chic

The first style you can consider is the industrial interior design. The industrial design style can trace its roots to the 1700s, when the first industrial buildings were built. The 1960s and 1970s saw old factories converted into open-air lofts that blended well with modern and traditional design styles.

The uniqueness of this interior design style allowed it to last up to today. While you may not want to look for an old warehouse and make it into your new home, you can use this design style to make your home look special.

A good start is integrating the contemporary elements of the design. You can add rejuvenating colors and introduce mirrors and glass into your home. If the house doesn’t have exposed bricks, you can use feature walls that evoke a warehouse appearance. Creativity in the shelving is essential and adds rustic pieces to enhance the industrial character of the design. Additionally, you can use a color palette that features an industrial theme.

Curvy Looks

Another interior design style that doesn’t stick to the norms is the use of curved elements. Most interior home designs focus on straight lines. So, having curvy looks gives the interior a unique yet interesting appearance.

Linear edges can be quite monotonous. When curved features are added, they seem to lead the eye to a focal point in the design. The focal point can be a piece of furniture, artwork, or a conversation piece that attracts attention.

You can also introduce the curved design into the home using furniture, art, and tiles. While you can add the furniture and artwork yourself, you’ll need help when it comes to the tile installation work. Similarly, a general contractor can also help you if you want to add arched doorways and fake ceilings into the home.

Dark Elements

Using darker shades on several features in a room makes it eye-catching. It also gives the room an illusion of space similar to how a mirror makes a room look larger. Using darker shades also gives the room a daring appearance. And when the right balance of shades is used, it evokes a “wow” effect that doesn’t normally come with lighter-colored rooms.

Dark colors also deliver drama, which makes it exciting and less boring than predominantly white spaces. And when you say dark, it’s not only limited to black and the different shades of grey. It also includes different darker shades of other colors.

The proper use of texture, contrast, and ambient lighting allows you to reach that delicate point where it gives out an intense vibe without being gloomy or overbearing. You can also use a couple of light-colored elements to provide suitable breaks from the room’s predominantly dark features.

minimalist living room

Subtle Pastels

People normally get a soothing feeling when they enter a room with muted pastel colors. These colors can be elegant when they are used with luxurious materials like marble. They also evoke a minimalistic appeal when they are combined with neutral tones. This shows the versatility of these colors.

Pastel colors are the lighter shades of the primary and secondary colors. They have a somewhat brighter appearance compared to other colors. While these colors are vibrant and bright, they also give viewers a soothing and calming feeling.

Even as pastel colors are normally associated with femininity, they also have a connection to masculinity. This is particularly true when these colors are combined with green or navy blue. Finding the right combination of pastel colors will give your home a refreshing feeling that’s typically associated with the coming of spring.

Nature’s Beauty

If you love nature, you can also give your home’s interior the vibe of nature. One way to do this is by adding a vertical garden on the walls of the house. The green wall will look good when you have it in your living room.

Adding real wood and stones can also enhance the appeal of the home. You can incorporate hardwood on the walls to complement your living wall. Combining it with a natural stone wall can further give it a feeling of being in nature. You can also bring in houseplants and scatter them all over the place. But make sure not to overdo it unless you’re planning to set up a jungle inside the house.

Interior decorating isn’t limited to simply buying artwork and hanging it on the wall. It involves incorporating several elements to make your home unique and interesting for anyone who visits you.

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