Interesting New Dessert Trends to Try Out

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When it comes to satisfying our collective sweet tooth as a society, the bakers and makers never run out of steam. Every year, restaurants and cafes are experimenting with new creations, flavors and taste profiles to appeal to our sugar-loving selves. These trends are spreading to bakeries everywhere. Rest assured, if you like desserts, you can find plenty of good pastry shops in Sterling Heights to try out some of these sumptuous treats. Here are the top new dessert trends that you definitely need to try:

Fusion dessert

You’ve heard of fusion cuisine, but fusion dessert is the next big thing. As more exotic ingredients are becoming available in every corner of the world, people’s taste buds are expanding to accommodate these. Lots of bakeries offer Middle-Eastern delicacies that go beyond baklava. Chamoy sauce, a sauce of Mexican origin, is also an interesting new flavor to try out if you are a fan of fruity flavors. There are also newer things to try within familiar cuisines. Chinese sweets such as moon cakes, mung bean cakes, and flower pastries are a delicious new trend.

Floral flavors

If you think that floral flavors are just for teas, you are mistaken. The new dimension for experimentation is in floral flavors, with lots of chefs trying out delicate infusions such as rose and lavender into dessert cakes and pastries. This trend started out with floral-flavored ice cream. But as chefs are growing more confident, it has spread to other types of desserts. It only helps that certain Middle-Eastern and North-African desserts integrate orange blossom water or rose water in their recipes. Other flavors to try out include chamomile and elderberry, two light and flexible flavors.


Naked cakes

While tastes are getting more elaborate, chefs aren’t just forgetting about old favorites. If you feel like satisfying your craving for comfort food, you can always turn to naked cakes. These make a break from the recent tradition of overloading cakes with fondant and layers of icing. Naked desserts and cakes bring out the original taste of childhood favorites such as sticky toffee pudding, brownies, and muffins.

Vegan treats

Thankfully, vegan is still in, and more and more places are starting to offer vegan alternatives. Finally, chefs have started paying attention to special vegan ingredients and are trying to play with their own original flavors. Lots of ice cream now has a vegan base that does not simply try to replicate the taste of milk and cream. There are even exciting new alternatives to chocolate, which might be just what you need if you can’t eat chocolate for health reasons. Lots of restaurants are now making chocolate out of jackfruit.

For sweet lovers, our palates are not going to get a respite anytime soon. Summer is over, and that means it’s time to indulge in our favorite fall pies and sweets. Now is the perfect time to curl up with a warm cup of coffee and a cinnamon apple tart to enjoy what fall has to offer.

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