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Improve the Quality of Air around Your Office in a Few Simple Ways

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There may be a time you once walked into an office, and all of a sudden started sneezing. A likely reason was that the quality of air around the office was low. Common air pollutants include dust and aerosols such as sprays.

Air pollutants have been known to result in allergic reactions. They, therefore, tend to make an area unconducive to work in.

1. Identify possible dust sinks around your office.

Dust sinks refer to any items around your office that provide a good settling surface for dust. Common examples include carpets, mats, and sofa sets. Carpets especially, require to be cleaned regularly. There are companies in Draper that offer commercial carpet cleaning services to interested businesses.

Usually, such companies charge for their services per square area of carpet cleaned. The carpet may be cleaned without the need to roll it off the floor. Cleaning companies have adopted modern cleaning methods that require the use of less water in comparison to traditional cleaning methods.

That means the carpet takes a shorter time to dry. It also eliminates the growth of molds and mildew which often result in discolored carpets and mats. There may also be a need to vacuum clean any sofas around the office to further reduce the dust.

2. Make sure that the air conditioning system is working.

Young Businesswoman Sitting On Chair Using Air Conditioner In OfficeAir conditioning systems play a vital role in improving the quality of air around an office. They draw in the air around the office taking with it dust particles and any other pollutants suspended in it. Whenever you notice a change in air quality, be sure to first check the state of your air conditioning system.

The chances are that it has broken down or has a defect reducing its efficiency of operation. A common compartment to check is its air filters. The filters may be worn out or are clogged. If that is the case, the problem may be solved by simply replacing the worn out filter with a new one.

3. Remember to factor in doors and windows.

Generally, people are encouraged to keep the windows and doors around their offices open to allow the free flow of air. The aim is usually to improve the air quality around the office. However, that is not only the case.

The position of the windows and doors around your office is essential in determining your office’s air quality. Whereas it is advisable to keep the windows open, it is also vital to ensure that keeping the windows open does not, in fact, deteriorate the air quality around your office.

That is especially so for those windows that are positioned facing a dusty road for instance. Keeping such windows open allows dust to enter your office. Remember, just because the dust flew in does not mean that it will flow out. A majority of it is retained around the office by adhering onto surfaces.

In extreme situations, low-quality air can result in the development of respiratory complications. Some people also tend to experience itchy eyes. The result is a decline in productivity around the office.

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