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Improve Project Efficiency with These Logistics Strategies

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Major construction projects are always being pressured by various demands of time and resources. If you are in charge of a construction project, one of your major challenges is how to keep the project well supplied. Every day, materials are consumed to build more of them. Running out can cause delays that will increase costs – something that you do not want. Here are several strategies that you can put in place so that your project will always have materials on hand:

Optimize Your Inventory

One of the first things you should do is ensure that your supply inventory is not lying around in your warehouse. Leaving it dumped on the ground and having no idea of what you have and how much you have is going to cause many problems. That is why you should do a proper inventory of what you have in your warehouse and where they are.

This ensures that when your crew is looking for something, they don’t need to scrounge around the warehouse until they find what they need. With a good inventory, they can consult a chart and locate the material. Keeping track of how much you have is also key to avoiding gluts and shortages, both of which can be problematic. For example, ordering too much can end up in wasted supplies, while shortages will cause delays.

Consult with Expert Suppliers

Always consult with your suppliers. They can give you advice on what materials you need to order and what brands perform well for their cost. Your suppliers should also be able to help point out the specifications of the products they are selling you and how to maximize them.

For example, when you contact your nut and bolt suppliers, ask them about the various brands available and the one that would best fit your needs. They might also be able to point you in the direction of a special sale of the product in question.

Plan Early

man checking the inventoryBefore construction starts up, the team behind it most likely did projections of material usage. You’ll have a better idea when you’re on the ground, but this is a good foundation to start your purchasing plan. Many people have gotten into the habit of only placing an order of supplies daily.

But this is inefficient. For example, a daily order can mean delays as the supplier tries to fulfill an order made the day before. It would be a lot easier to have it ready a week in advance. This ensures that the project gets the materials well before you need them.

Go For Bulk Deliveries

Finally, when you’re having materials delivered, don’t do it piece-meal. It wastes time and money as the supplier tries to pay for the deliveries and ensure that they’re on time. If you are getting all your materials from one source, have the supplier pack all the supplies into one delivery so it would be more efficient.

Construction projects can get costly if there are delays. That is why keeping them supplied is important. With the above strategies, you should be able to ensure that your project will always have what it needs. Being more efficient in managing construction materials also becomes savings, in the long run, so you’ll appreciate the methods mentioned even more.

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