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How to Shop for Glamorous, Authentic, and Affordable Jewelry

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Jewelry can really make a difference in elevating your outfit. Even simple necklaces or earrings can have a huge improvement. Sadly, we don’t all have the money for fancy accessories.

Fortunately, there’s a way to shop for jewelry that is authentic without having to break the bank. If you want to gift someone or yourself something nice this Christmas, here’s how you can find a good price on quality jewelry.

Silver works with everything

If you want jewelry that can work with anything, then going with silver is better and cheaper too! The price of silver per ounce is cheaper, and its price actually fluctuates more than gold. That means you will have a lot easier time finding them at lower costs than normal. You can get something that is just as durable because it is often mixed with other metals, making it stronger than gold.

One of the main reasons why silver is so great is the fact that it can be worn with almost anything. When you’re shopping for certain events and clothes, you can be assured that the silver jewelry can actually be used for something else. Also, it can work with any gemstone, so you can easily swap out the gems on them if you want to.

Some have even said that wearing silver has a lot of health benefits. It wards off germs and protects you from electromagnetic radiation.

Smaller diamonds can shine brighter

Contrary to belief, bigger isn’t always brighter in diamonds. A big diamond that has a poor cut will never match up to a small diamond with a good cut. So you don’t have to feel bad if you can’t afford those big diamond rings. Although it has a lot of importance to some people, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so costly.

For those looking at engagement rings, the national average cost of a wedding ring is apparently around $5,900 and is the second most expensive part of the wedding. More and more people today are looking at ways to find cheaper options. This includes getting a ring set or looking at micro pave halo diamond rings. Many find that pave rings can actually sparkle more, mostly because it comes with multiple smaller, high-quality diamonds.

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Gemstones are just as glamorous

Diamonds may look nice and shiny, but some of us want more color in our jewelry sets. This is why you can look into gemstones. When shopping for these types of stones, it’s easy to fall for something that is fake or artificial. While the appearance looks almost real, the composition of them is often far from the real ones.

When buying these kinds of jewelry, there are some things you need to know when looking for legitimate ones. For one, real gemstones rarely have scratches or cuts on them. Even those that are naturally rough are smoothed and don’t have cracks on them. Real gemstones also can’t be dented so easily with items or with your finger.

Second, some gemstones may not look as clear as you would think. There are those that are naturally bright and clear like rubies, but some are blurry and may even have some sediments inside. This is because crystals and gems are generally made out of different elements, and those are what you see when looking inside.

Shop in season

Even jewelry goes on sale during the holidays. If you’re itching to find new accessories, just wait out a bit for the seasonal sales. Usually, the best times to buy are just before major holidays like Christmas and Black Friday. Stores generally like to get ahead of others by offering discounts just a few days before the actual seasons begin to avoid competition.

One way to make sure that you are ahead on the latest discounts on your favorite jewelry stores is by subscribing to them. A lot of them will send emails or texts to customers registered to them.

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