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How to Organise a Successful Garage Sale Before Your Move

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Packing and organising for your move will make you realise two things: One, you have accumulated a lot of appliances, clothes, and equipment over the years; second, you are facing a big problem of getting rid of these things. You might even feel stressed about dealing with such a problem. It is normal to feel that way. After all, you have the impetus to make sure that your move will be smooth and stress-free. You may think of giving away all these things, but there are only a few people who will want to take in old items. Their houses might also be full of things that they do not actually need. But there are other ways you can actually do away with all the things that you will not need in your new home.

A garage sale is one of the most popular and effective ways to dispose of things. What’s good about this is that you get the opportunity to make money. If you are looking to help save the environment, you are doing so through this activity. You give your old things new homes, which could otherwise have gone to landfills. Before you call an interstate removalist in Melbourne, you need to sell your items first with the tips below:

Pick the right time

Timing is everything. You have to pick the best time when people are likely to visit your home and buy your stuff. If you are moving during spring, it will make a great time. But do not just pick the weekdays. You have better chances of selling items if you open your garage sale during weekends. People stay at their homes during weekends. Mornings also make the best time for such an activity.

garage sale

Sort, sort, and sort

If you want to hold a garage sale, do not just put your items in one place. That will turn buyers off because they will find it hard to look for things that are interesting and suitable for their lives. So what you should do before the sale is to sort everything that you have. Set up your garage or your front yard like a real shop. Equipment can be put in one place, while stuffed toys and bags can be placed on a shelf (that you may be selling also). You may also have to put labels and tags so that buyers will know the price right away.


To increase your chances of getting your items off your home, you might want to tell everyone in the neighbourhood about it. You may post announcements on the local bulletin boards or share it online via your social media pages.

Getting rid of your old items is necessary so that you will not have to find it hard to move to your new home. If you are to bring everything you have ever owned, your new home will be as cluttered as the old one. Getting rid of your items can be done through a garage sale.

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