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How to Look Good Even with Braces

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Wearing braces is both a bane and a boon. You wear them to fix your crooked teeth. But while you’re wearing them, your peers won’t stop making fun of you. The name calling just won’t stop: metal mouth, train tracks, tinsel teeth, magnet mouth, etc.

If you happen to live somewhere in Utah, it doesn’t help that the state is still working on ramping up their anti-bullying policies. You’re more likely to be called various names while you’re wearing your ceramic braces in West Jordan with no one to tell your classmates to stop pestering you.

But despite all of that, braces are a necessity. More importantly, no one can put you down simply by making fun of the way you look unless you let them. With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to make little changes to yourself so that some people will notice other things about you, and not focus solely on your braces.

Have them focus on your hair

One effective way to deflect people’s attention from your braces is by getting a cool haircut. Before you get your braces, spend some time at the local salon and ask your hairdresser to do something cool for your hair this one time, which will really grab people’s attention. This way, they’ll notice your hair more than your braces.



Another way to look attractive and have people notice the whole you and not just your braces is to use some accessories on yourself. You can wear a scarf, especially if you’ve never worn one before. You can wear a bandanna so that people will notice your head more than your teeth. You can even wear non-prescription glasses.

You can also deflect the attention of other people from your braces by wearing something you’ve never worn before. If back then people knew that you mostly wore slacks and sneakers, try something different this time, like a long beautiful skirt or some cool shorts with sandals or colorful flip-flops.

Design your braces

It’s nearly impossible for people not to notice your braces. Rather than prolong the inevitable, why not make them focus on your braces right away but with a twist: Make them colorful to make them look funky and attractive. If you’re wearing colored braces, it’s more noticeable, but people could find it cool and attractive. Also, fixing your teeth with braces take some time, so you’re bound to wear those things for a long time. You might as well play with them by adding some color to it.


Finally, no matter how often and how harsh some people make fun of your braces, it really is up to you if you’ll let them make you feel bad. The best way to fight them is to simply smile and show them that you’re unfazed with all the teasing and ribbing.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Every child knows that being teased by their classmates is not an incident that can be easily forgotten. But you should always remember that your braces, as well as the teasing or bullying, will not last forever. There’s a life for you after that. That life will definitely be better and more beautiful.

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