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How to Become Body-positive All the Time

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“Love yourself” is a statement that’s easy to say but hard to do. Some people need the courage to get themselves convinced that they’re worthy. That becomes a little challenging for people who aren’t seeing themselves in their best forms.

The importance of a body image is undeniable. It gives you an idea of how you look at yourself. A healthy body image can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re comfortable with your own skin. On the other hand, having a negative body image can lead to mental health issues.

One way to always maintain a healthy body image is by being body positive. Body positivity shifts your notion of beauty to stand against social norms. A body-positive attitude can bring you confidence. It can even boost self-esteem and give you a positive outlook.

But how can you maintain being body positive? What are the things that you need to do to reach a level of satisfaction with your body? How can you be proud of yourself in the age of social media and Instagram models? Well, here are some ways to exude that body-positive energy in you.

Post unfiltered photos

People tend to look their best whenever they post photos of themselves on social media. With almost 5 billion social media users, you would want to post the most flattering pictures of yourself. But that’s what seems to be the problem with these platforms. You’re always going to be reminded that a lot of people may be seeing your photos. Better make a good impression for them.

The thing is, you can’t please everybody. Regardless of what you post, people are going to say something about it. You can go against the grain by posting an unfiltered photo of yourself. Just show your effortless beauty and your natural look.

There’s no problem waking up looking a little goofy because that’s the reality of life. You’re representing what people normally see without the filters and all. Feel good about how you really look and not care much about other people’s impressions of it.

Turn off the “likes” counter

People think that others’ impression of them is what matters. And it seems like social media has made a unit of measurement for these impressions. They’re “reactions” or “likes.” They could be anything that shows how many people loved your post. Getting positive reactions can give a warm feeling to a social media user. They can even make people feel they’re visible.

That’s where the problem occurs. Some people feel invisible if they don’t get many likes from their social media friends. Good thing, an option to turn this feature off has been made available. Not seeing the number of reactions can somehow give peace of mind to people who care about likes.

It will be a good exercise for the brain to make you think that you can live without those most coveted “likes.” This can give you the freedom to post anything and not care if people will react to it or not.

Compliment yourself

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You may have looked into the mirror and told yourself it’s never going to get better. There may be times you always criticize your outfit for the day. You can sometimes be hard on yourself for eating a box of donuts then feel bad about your thighs. If you find yourself mouthing these self-deprecating statements frequently, you may want to change your habits.

Turn this around by focusing on the most positive things about your body. Ignore all the negative vibes you’re seeing because you may just be seeing them with your “bad day” lenses on. Instead, make yourself feel good by giving yourself compliments.

Emphasize all the lovely things you know about your physique. Choose the best-fitting clothes in your closet and wear them. Give your body a treatment that will bring out the best in you. Say all the nicest things you can say about yourself as long as they’re the truth.

Focus on your self-improvement

Sometimes, self-affirmation may not be enough for people. If you can’t compliment yourself, do some improvement you think will best work for your body. Get that tattoo you’ve been wanting to have and look edgy. If you’re feeling weak, get into fitness.

Take it to another level by lifting heavy. Buy women’s weightlifting apparel and see your progress in the mirror. Get your teeth done if you’re not comfortable smiling. Start a healthy diet to lose an inch of your tummy. Get working if you feel like it’ll bring out the best in you. Do whatever you think will make you appreciate yourself more. Self-gratification is your choice.

Give others compliments

There are times people project their insecurities to others. If this is something that you do, you may want to refrain from doing it. One way to combat this habit is to do the opposite. So instead of judging others by how they look, find something that you can compliment them for. Tell them you like how their dress fits them.

Express your love for your coworker’s makeup. Ask them where they got their hair done because it’s fantastic. These little compliments can make you feel kinder for others. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself looking for things that you can compliment about yourself. It’s going to prompt you to be less harsh on yourself too.

All these tips can only lead up to one thing. They’re all about loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself enough, it will cause you to feel down all the time. Your worth is dictated by how you judge your own body. If you’re able to make peace with your body image, you’re going to be happier.

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