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How Much Should You Spend on Window Replacements?

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The average rate in San Diego for a window replacement can cost around $410, inclusive of the labor fees, job materials, and supplies.

Homeowners should expect to spend around $252 for the price of the window alone if they don’t plan on hiring a professional for the job. However, it’s best to look for a contractor when you need to customize the fixture. You’ll also have to spend more than the average amount for custom-made windows. Based on the median price in the city, you can increase the value of your house by almost $300 after a single-window replacement.

Breaking Down Expenses

Some contractors can charge around $135 for almost three hours of work to replace a single window. You might want to consider replacing two or more windows to save money, as there are service providers who charge a flat rate even when you only need a small window replacement. Think twice before attempting to do the work by yourself.

A DIY replacement can affect your home’s insulation. If installed improperly, it can increase your utility bills as insulated air leaks through the gaps. Professional window replacements can reduce your air-conditioning expenses by up to 40%, so hiring the right contractor remains the best option when you’re after energy efficiency.

When Are Repairs Necessary?

In case a single replacement seems too expensive, then you should only consider fixing broken windows if the cost will be cheaper by at least 50%. Window repairs in San Diego cost from $55 to almost $680. Most homeowners spend around $365 on average for this service. The window’s lifespan also serves as another deciding factor. It’s ideal to fix windows when you’ve been using them for less than ten years. An exception to this involves windows with rotten or pest-infested frames.

Keep in mind that rates might be the same among contractors in San Diego County, but you should still compare prices by inquiring with three different professionals. If you plan to hire a general contractor for repairs, be ready to spend from around $44 to $55 on additional fees.

Window Maintenance

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Once you replace or repair the windows, you can prolong the need for another one by observing proper care and maintenance. Repaint frames made of wood or metal at least once every three years. Avoid applying paint on moving parts or when the window is closed, as it can become stuck.

Don’t use a soaking-wet cloth to clean wooden windows because this can lead to rotten frames. If the frames are made of vinyl or aluminum, you can use a soft brush and mild soap to clean them.

Labor fees, size, and materials will significantly determine the actual price of a window replacement in San Diego. You should expect to spend more than $400 if you need to replace a bigger window. Most homeowners, however, spend between $345 add $473 for a typical replacement. The price range is cheaper when you consider the average price for installing new windows, which can cost almost $5,000 in the city.

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