Fiberglass swimming pool in the backyard

Homeowners Should Expect to Spend $27,600 to Have Fiberglass Pools

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The cost of building in-ground pools in Utah depends on the type, size and style that you want for your house. Fiberglass pools are a common type, and it costs an average of $27,600 for building one this year.

It’s possible to spend just around $20,000, but you would have to settle for a smaller-sized pool without a deck. Half of that amount could be spent on a 26-inch-wide shell, which is where you swim in a pool. Mid-sized shells that are up to 34 inches wide cost at least $13,000, while larger ones cost a minimum of $15,000.

Before You Get Excited

Homeowners should be aware that adding a swimming pool won’t significantly increase the price of your property. In fact, those who plan to sell their house upon completing a pool installation should think twice.

Buyers aren’t keen to take on the cost of maintenance for a swimming pool, so consider why you really want a pool in the first place. Most people overlook regular maintenance and cost of repairs as some of the overhead costs of owning a swimming pool.

Fiberglass pools, however, are low maintenance and could only cost $15 per month for a pool company’s services. You could do it yourself without spending that amount, but this means devoting your time every month for pool maintenance. Other inspections like checking the pH and chlorine levels of your pool should be done regularly during frequent use.

Construction Planning

Swimming pool installationOnce you decide that a small fiberglass pool is a right choice, the next step requires you to find out if you need a construction permit. Since installation involves working underground, it’s important to know about what lies beneath your yard.

There could be power lines or sewage pipes that could be damaged from digging, so inquire with your local municipality about how to secure a permit and schedule an inspection. This could entail extra costs, so be sure to include that in your budget.

Estimating the Expenses

Basic installation includes the shell and its shipping, ground excavation, placing a filter and filling in the pool. Like any other product, shipping fees will be more expensive if it needs to be moved within longer distances before reaching your house. If you live with children and pets, you need to add a safety fence worth at least $350.

Cost of labor also affects the actual cost, and this should be included when you ask for a quote. The normal rate for a five-person crew costs around $1,500 for 160 working hours, but some contractors could base the labor fees on the size and complexity of installation. You could negotiate for a lower rate if you ask them to provide regular maintenance service every month.

Fiberglass in-ground pools are more affordable than those made from concrete. Installation is much faster since professionals can complete it within two days. When choosing a contractor, look for a company that provides service warranty and ideally with several good reviews from clients over the years.

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