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Home Talk: Taking Care of an Older Structure

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Older houses exude a distinct charm and vintage appeal that make them more attractive than newly constructed buildings. Aside from their beautiful architectural styles, they are also filled with history and character that elevate their value. However, although owning an older home indeed has its perks, there are also several drawbacks. For one, it requires expensive maintenance and more frequent repairs than newer houses do.

If you own an old property or are looking into buying one, here are several repair and maintenance tips that can help you out.

Don’t postpone necessary repairs

Deferred maintenance pertains to repeatedly postponed upkeep and repairs for older houses. After moving into your historic home, you’ll probably notice many areas that require long-needed attention. This is often the case when a home has not been inhabited for several years, leading to damages being neglected and worsening over time. Don’t disregard these essential repairs and have them taken care of immediately by an expert. They have already been postponed long enough, so act on them as soon as possible before they affect your home’s value.

Replace the original boiler

Of course, when you buy an old house, you’ll want to retain most of its features. Besides, these rustic pieces are probably what made you purchase the house in the first place. But, while it’s best to leave structural designs and decorative elements as they are, this move certainly doesn’t apply to your heating system.

According to Tom Kraeutler of The Money Pit, efficiency is often not an issue with older heating systems, but replacing the boiler with a new one can help you save more on your energy bills. Plus, your heating will be even more efficient. In addition, keep in mind that while builders in the previous decades were extremely skilled with construction techniques, they lacked today’s advanced scientific knowledge. Thus, in most old homes, heated water pipes encased with asbestos are used for insulation. Asbestos can contaminate your house and cause health problems once the fiber starts deteriorating. Therefore, it’s recommended to have it removed by a professional.

Check the plumbing


Owners of older homes need to deliver extra care when it comes to maintaining the plumbing system. If you prioritize the upkeep of your pipes, you’ll save yourself from having to tear up floors and walls for a major replumbing, which is not just expensive but also inconvenient.

How to extend your old pipes’ lifespan? Check for warning symptoms like water discoloration and reduced water pressure, clean galvanized pipes, and utilize a savvy leak detection system. Moreover, it’s important to hire a plumber and have your decades-old steel pipes replaced. These are too clogged up already from internal rusting and can burst suddenly, leading to more costly repairs. If you live near Utah County, it’s easy to find a plumber in Orem, Provo, or Lindon. Ask around for recommendations or simply do a Google search.

Modifications should only be handled by professionals

If you want to do some remodeling or update the look of your home, you need the expertise of a professional. Some modifications don’t suit older homes and can create issues. For instance, installing tight windows for a sleeker appearance can compromise air circulation. Any remodeling project should be done meticulously and carefully so new problems won’t arise.

An older home is indeed a prized possession. However, just as how more valuable objects like vintage clothes and famous paintings require more care, your old house also necessitates diligent attention when it comes to upkeep. To preserve the beauty of your dwelling, always consult an expert before starting any major projects.

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