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Home Maintenance: How Your Old Home Can Be Beautiful Once More

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Over the years, what used to be a beautiful and functional house is now in a disarray. Due to this, you lose interest in what was once your sanctuary. Don’t let it be that way for too long, though. There are a lot of things you can do to make your house like it was before.

What Needs to Be Fixed Inside

  • New plywood for your interior that’s fitted around the HVAC is a great start. Check if your HVAC systems are okay, too. Call a professional maintenance service in case there’s a problem. If you have steam heat, make sure to drain the boiler so any sediment will be washed away.
  • Check the pipe if they’re still in good condition and doesn’t have leaks. Check your ceiling if there aren’t any leaks, as well. Look at the faucet if there are any drips. In case there are, call a professional plumber immediately.
  • Another thing that needs checking is the sump pump. This is the one responsible for draining rainwater. See if it’s properly draining so you won’t have a problem if ever it rains.
  • Your chimney needs careful maintenance, as it contains gases from the fireplace, furnace, or wood stove. You should get rid of these by having a professional cleaner inspect it. Lastly, take care of your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. See to it that both are in good running condition.

What Needs to be Fixed Outside

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  • The outside of your home needs as much love as the inside. One of the things you should do first is to clean up all the leaves. You can also lay down mulch for your flower beds and under the hedges to keep plants safe from drought. To add, spring is the best time to mow the lawn and maintain your property.
  • With regards to trees, if you have them in your yard, let them be checked by an arborist. A certified arborist will inspect for illnesses, dead branches, and other problems. Hiring them will help you point out problems since dead or dying trees are safety hazards.
  • If you are spring cleaning, this also means reseeding your lawn, filling missing patches, and planting new plants. It’s also best to fertilise during this time.
  • Look for any crack in your concrete. Check up your driveway, and look at your roofs and see if there are any broken shingles. You should also be observant if there’s water pooling in the foundation.
  • Another part of the house you should check is the gutter. It’s the part responsible for keeping rainwater out of the house. It protects the roof, foundation, and siding. Don’t let your gutters have clogs. Check it out as soon as possible.
  • Finally, clean the whole house. Wash the windows, scrub the walls, and let it all dry. You don’t need a power washer as this can cause damage to the siding or masonry. Hand power is enough to do this. You can also hire a crew to do it.

It’s a great feeling to clean your house. It’s also great to do a routine maintenance check. This will ensure that your house is functional and beautiful once again.

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