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Home Improvements You Should Consider This 2020

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Creating your dream home does not have to cost too high. With a few clever additions that deliver functional value and aesthetic appeal, you can find that you’re a step closer to that IG-worthy home you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Consider Adding a Shed

If you have the space for it, adding a shed will transform your home. In many places like Denver, functional garden sheds are easily available through professional contractors or home depots.

Garden sheds serve as a useful means of keeping things tidy. They can also serve as a safe way to keep power tools and chemicals like pesticides away from kids or pets. Most sheds are highly customizable, too. Just make sure any additions you use are not going to compromise the structure. Meaning, any decorations added should not be too heavy for the roof and any paints should be weather-proof.

It’s also important that your children know that the shed is not a playground. The sooner they know this, the safer they are from accidents.

Build a Garden

woman gardeningFew things are as rewarding as reaping what you have sown. Not only will an edible garden be a beautiful addition, but also a healthy hobby for the whole family. If you’re an experienced gardener, even just a few patches will be an exciting addition to the home. If you want to get a little more help, your local greenhouse or gardening supply shop can sell seedlings.

If you’re low on space, a little herb garden by your windows or porch will still add life and color. If you have kids, encourage them to help. If you also have pets, check which plants are safe for them.

Change Up Your Walls

An accent wall can change the whole vibe of a room. It can even set the tone of the house. If you’re thinking of hanging up a compilation of framed pieces, map out your setup first. You can use painter’s tape to see how each frame looks when positioned next to each other. This also lessens the chances of you drilling unnecessary holes.

If you want to avoid holes entirely, consider magnetic wall art. These stick to most walls without any adhesives left behind.

Repaint Your Door

If you don’t want to commit to a single color on a big area of your home or you don’t have the budget to redo your whole home, a fresh paint job on your door will do wonders. This is especially great if you live in an apartment and can only paint your door. Just make sure you have the building administrator’s approval before doing anything.

If you’re thinking of repainting your door, make sure your paint is okay even when exposed to the elements. Sand your first layer of paint so that this new color really grips. Give yourself an even coat by first applying primer then a coat or two of paint. You may need to remove the door off the hinges while doing this, depending on the paint, so just keep this in mind.

Starting a home improvement project should not be an extremely daunting task. Take baby steps and ask any professionals for their advice to make sure all your ventures will be successful.

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