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Home Decor that Protects Your Home

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When you buy a new property, one of the first items you must add before moving in are things that help amp up security. Doing this keeps your home safe and secure, and some of the best additions are home decorations that add appeal and functionality to the household. If you’re having the property built from the ground up, you must include these decors as part of its overall design.

Although setting up basic security systems can be enough to secure your home initially, it usually can’t meet all your aesthetic requirements. That’s why having home decorations that can satisfy both utility and aesthetic needs in the initial stages is ideal.

That said, here are the best home decorations that can protect your property while making it look good.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets serve as a physical barrier that prevents mosquitoes and most flying insects from accessing your sleeping area. They’re capable of doing this thanks to their super-fine polyester mesh netting, preventing the tiniest of insects from entering and invading your sleep. Quality mosquito nets usually maintain their effectiveness for three years, so if that time passes, make sure to replace your mosquito nets by then.

However if you’re experiencing an infestation and these nets don’t work anymore, calling your local pest and mosquito control is ideal.

Screened Windows and Doors

Screened windows and doors provide homeowners with tons of benefits, ranging from improved airflow inside, reduced electricity bills, enhanced visual appeal, pest and lighting control—and security. They maintain the view and airflow of windows while protecting your house from insects, making it safer from pests. Plus, having screens on your windows and doors offer an additional layer of protection that burglars need to go through when trying to break into your home.


Mirrors are one of the most cost-effective home decorations that also provide extra security. They’re a classic and timeless home decoration, and you can use them in several ways. For instance, hanging a large mirror in the living room or hallway gives you a subtle way to see people coming into your household and going from room to room.

Lighting Fixtures

Adding good lighting fixtures throughout your home adds to the house’s appeal and ambiance and provides extra security. That’s because keeping things bright indoors can deter any burglars from trying to enter your home. Dark properties are welcome to uninvited individuals lurking around your home, and anyone with a motive to steal can find it easier to break-in when it’s dark.

Curtains and Blinds

Having exposed valuables like televisions and computer setups through open windows can be tempting to unlawful individuals, and one of the best decorations for this situation is curtains and blinds. Hanging either of these two on your windows can keep people from seeing what’s inside, and covering up your home from passersby’s perspectives can make it more challenging for them to spot any of your belongings.

Hang a couple of Venetian blinds or non-transparent curtains to close at night or whenever you’re not at home.


Besides making your home fresher and vibrant, plants add obstruction to your home, which burglars tend to avoid. Having these houseplants inside and elaborate landscaping outdoors can be one of the best deterrents for these unlawful individuals. When designing your backyard or garden area, consider adding thorny shrubs such as rose bushes, holly, and blackthorn. Trees are also a great choice as they provide ample coverage for your windows and doors.

houseplants by the window

Around the area of your outdoor landscapes, make sure to add plenty of gravel, pebbles, and other stones that make noise to slow down any uninvited guests. Adding herbal plants indoors can also deter any bugs from your home, keeping it pest-free and comfortable.

Blast-Resistant Windows

Based on research and surveys, around 95% of home invasions involve entry by force, and breaking windows is the go-to break-in technique for most burglars. Although large glass panes can beautify any home and is a great way to bask in natural light indoors, brightening up any space, they can be a significant safety hazard. In the event of a robbery or natural disaster like hurricanes, glass window panes only add to the risk.

Luckily you can still keep these larger glass window panes around as long you go for blast-resistant alternatives. These are burglar-resistant and reduce the hazard zones during tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.

Home decorations should provide the perfect balance of looks and functionality to make your home more comfortable and convenient. Figuring out which decors best suit your household doesn’t need to be a chore—and investing in any of the decorations mentioned can make your home appealing and keep it alongside your loved ones safe.

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