Hitting the Road with Your Pooch

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Road trips are a nice way to explore the world around you, meet new people, and make worthwhile memories. While you might have been dreaming of hitting the road with your friends, going on this journey with your furry friend is surely one of a kind experience.

However, taking your dog may pose a great deal of challenge. Pooches can be restless, and they might behave in ways that will pit themselves in danger. When stressed inside your car, they may feel stressed and fidgety. When you open your windows, they may hang out their heads outside. In a way, the whole endeavor feels troubling and anxiety-inducing.

So how you can make things much easier for both of you? Here are some pointers:

Pick a route that favors your pup

The entire trip should be planned around your pup’s needs. Take into account that your dog needs potty breaks and some time for exercising. With this in mind, make sure that your route has plenty of safe areas where you and your pup can take some rest. When it comes to the destination, see to it that it has a facility that can easily accommodate your dogs. For one, if you are going on camping, there should be lots of open spaces for Frisbees and runs. There should also be spots where you can keep your dog on a leash.

Practice, practice, practice

Some dogs may feel relaxed in your used 4WD SUV, while others may be particularly anxious during the ride. If this is your pup’s problem, you may want to apply some training techniques to modify their behavior. Included in this plan is short practice tips. For one, take them to a dog park or pet stores. Doing this will help your dog associate car rides with fun and positive things.


Consult with the dog’s vet

Do not just go on a trip with your pup without consulting the veterinarian. You have to determine if your dog is actually healthy enough to travel. Do not assume that your dog is in great shape. Ask the vet about your trip may affect your dog. See to it that your dog’s vaccines and related medication are up to date. If your dog experiences sever stress and nausea, you may also ask the veterinarian for aids or medication that will help ease these problems.

Give your pup some distractions

Packing your pup’s essentials, such as food, water, medicines, and treats is already a given. An emergency kit may also be necessary. But keep in mind that the number one problem that you may encounter is your dog’s boredom. You will need to keep your pup entertained and engaged, as it will help make the drive much easier. Puzzle and chew toys may do wonders. But if you want them to feel relaxed the entire trip, tire them out before hitting the road – that is to keep them playing for hours until they feel sleepy while in the car.

Now, go!

Now that you have listed down all the pointers that will make the trip easier, it’s up to you how you will make memories. Just keep this one important tip in mind: have fun!

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