Having a Bathroom Makeover? Bathroom Trends Approved by Interior Designers

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Most interior designers advise against following trends, and for good reason. First and foremost, not all home design trends have lasting power. Geometric patterned cement tiles in the bathroom may be hot right now, but possibly not anymore after five years. Makes sense, because if you look at your home, there are probably many things in there that looked appealing five years ago, but are now dated.

Not all trends are disliked by interior designers, though. In fact, many of them are happy to incorporate a particular trend or two in a space, as long as it will serve a lasting purpose. For example, during the pandemic, many people used their bathrooms more, because self-care rituals boomed. As such, interior designers approved of trendy spa-like features in bathrooms. It supported our mental health when uncertainties overwhelm us.

That said, if you're about to do a bathroom makeover for the sake of your elevated self-care rituals, see if your favorite trend has made it to this list of interior-designer-approved ones:

1. Sustainable Bathroom

A sustainable lifestyle is no longer just a fad, but a way of living that we must all try to adopt. A perfect example of a sustainable bathroom is one with a free-standing tub made from natural materials. Consider concrete, natural jute fiber, or any other recycled and eco-friendly materials instead of the usual enamel or acrylic. You can also extend your bathroom's sustainability to the rest of the fixtures.

2. Natural Unlacquered Brass

If you love watching home makeover videos, you may have noticed a prevalence of unlacquered brass hardware lately. Interior designers love it in kitchens, but it's worth a shot in a bathroom, too. The material will patina over time, giving it more character than trendy rose-gold or copper metals. Plus, unlacquered brass has been used in homes since the late 1970s, then in the early 1980s, and again in the late 1990s. It shows that the material makes a comeback pretty often, because it's elegance is just timeless.

3. Statement Lighting

Elle Decor magazine recently shared the top bathroom trends they see booming in 2021, and one of them was statement lighting. These are chandeliers or pendants that capture all the attention in a bathroom.

Since bathrooms are often plain and monotonous, the statement lighting trend emerged to add visual interest to the space. If you stay in your bathroom longer now, a beautiful light fixture will make your rituals more delightful. The drama they create in the space can even result in great selfies.

4. Wellness Elements

Spa-like bathrooms have been a hit for years, and they're not going anywhere. As such, heated floors, steam showers, aromatherapy, and vanity drawers are almost considered essentials now. While you don't have to install every single one of those in your bathroom, choosing at least one would be great. A steam shower is a good idea if you want to go all-out luxurious.

Installing a steam shower, however, is a bit costly, as it requires the hands of a few pros. You can incorporate the generator in your main shower to save space, but if you have more room, maybe you can max out your budget for a dedicated steam shower. Save money on a high-quality shower door instead.

5. Bringing in the Outdoors

If your nearest neighbor lives a few blocks away from you, you can bring the outdoors in your bathroom without compromising your privacy. Enlarge your windows, or go for glass walls to fully immerse in nature. Enjoying panoramic views from your bathroom can make you miss going out less.

6. Retro Vintage Aesthetics

While social media is busy introducing new and futuristic trends to us, interior designers are still on Team Retro Vintage. Old-school doesn't automatically mean dated.

Timeless retro vintage elements include mosaic tiles, wallpapers on panels, and weathered brass. If you lean more on the maximalist side than the minimalist, you'll love the retro vintage aesthetic. It embraces "more is more" without looking over-the-top and cluttered.

7. Marble Domination

Interior designers don't just love marble in kitchens; they also adore it in bathrooms. If you're also fond of the material, consider having all your bathroom finishes in marble. Yes, including the tub, sinks, and the toilet. It may look a little overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the sight, you'll realize how regal it can make your rituals feel.

8. Decor and Furniture From Other Parts of the House

In the past, we wouldn't often see accent chairs or vases in bathrooms. But now that our self-care rituals have lengthened, we need a more multi-purpose bathroom. Hence, placing seats and home decor in the space has become necessary. It may deliver more aesthetics than function, but it's better to use a pretty bathroom than a drab, boring one.

As interior designers themselves have stated, these trends will likely stay in style for the long term. Steal these ideas for your bathroom reno, and feel like royalty during all your rituals.

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