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Have an Adventure-packed Vacation in Italy

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Italy, being one of the most famous countries in Europe for tourists, doesn’t need any introduction. Its vibrant cities, especially Milan, mirror an epitome of a seamless mix of old and new. Countries offering their age-old tradition, cuisine, culture, nature, art, and history have always fascinated visitors anyway.

But that is not what all Italy has to offer. Check out these travel destinations that will provide you with an adventure you’ll never forget:

Hiking in the Dolomites

Dolomites hiking activities are popular among mountaineering enthusiasts. Many guides can show you the best trails for hiking. You can also pick a route depending on the level of difficulty that you’re attuned with.

Mountaineering experts always brave their way through the range’s Via Ferrata or the “Iron Way.” It is a route used during World War I, and it features iron ladders, bridges, and cables for crossings along the way.

But if you’re new to hiking, you can still enjoy many other sports and activities in the Dolomites mountain range. Kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, rafting, parasailing, snowboarding, and skiing are among the many activities the Dolomites has to offer.

Rafting at River Noce

River Noce is located at the Val di Sole, or the sole valley, in northern Italy. While Val di Sole is famous for its serene scenery of valleys, rivers, and green groves, adventure seekers flock to its River Noce to experience a unique adrenaline rush.

River Noce is one of the best places to go to for whitewater river rafting, according to National Geographic. The pleasant scenery, the length of the river, the areas of the river that can only be navigated, and the difficulty it offers are what keeps adventurers returning to River Noce.

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Paragliding in Veneto

Many places in Italy offer breathtaking views for paragliders. The rolling hills of Umbria, the beautiful coastlines of Sicily, and the significant footholds of the Alps in Lake Como are some of the most popular spots for paragliders.

If you want to see a wider variety of sceneries, however, go paragliding in Veneto. The region offers paragliding over Brenta Valley, the Dolomites, and the vast and stunning Lake Garda.

Windsurfing on Lake Garda

Speaking of Lake Garda, it is Italy’s largest lake, and it’s a popular spot for windsurfing. At the northern side of the lake, the coastline is dotted with windsurfing centers packed with locals and tourists.

Lake Garda is an ideal location for windsurfing because of the non-stop winds that blow over its waters. In the early morning, Pelér, or the north wind, blows from north to south. In the afternoon and evening, Ora, or the south wind, blows the other way around.

Scuba Diving in the Ruins of Baia

Baia is a sunken city at the bottom of the Gulf of Naples, southwest of Italy. At the height of the Roman Empire, the city was considered a leisure hotspot for powerful and wealthy people.

Today, thrill-seekers go on scuba diving and snorkeling adventures to the underwater city to explore its ruins, statues, pillars, mosaic walls, and crumbling structures.

It depends on what kind of adventure you want to experience in Italy. The best months stretch from April to October when it’s sunny but not too warm in the entire country. If you want skiing and other cold-weather activities, go there in January or February.

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