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Hair Loss? Here Are Styling Tricks for Thicker-Looking Tresses

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Women struggling with hair loss often look to home remedies and natural ingredients to hide their bald spots. Many rely on aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea, and moringa for hair regrowth. Although these natural treatments are effective, it may take a while before you see significant changes.

In the meantime, you can turn to styling tips and tricks to strategically cover your bald patches or thinning hair. The best thing about these styling hacks is you can change up your look as often as you want! These tricks can help build your confidence, which is a common struggle among women who suffer from severe hair loss.

Follow the styling tricks according to the kind of hair loss problem you have.

Bald Patches at the Crown

Changing the part of your hair is one of the easiest ways to hide bald spots. You can try either a deep side or a middle part, depending on where the problem area is.

If the patch is too big to be covered by parting your hair, go for hairstyles that keep hair over the balding spot. A half top knot and a messy bun are easy styles that can cover bald patches at the top of your head.

Hairstyling accessories and tools can also help you hide your balding spots. Thick headbands, scarves, and head wraps can cover your patches while making you look more put-together. You can also part your hair opposite the side where your bald spot is, pin your hair down with stylish barrettes.

Widening Part

A thinning part is one of the earliest signs of alopecia. If you’re struggling with this problem, go for haircuts that make your hair look thicker. Layered hairstyles like a bob or pixie cut give your hair more texture and movement, which gives the appearance of more volume.

Bangs can also change your look completely. They frame your face and add body to your hair, so your thinning part won’t be as obvious.

If you’re not ready to drastically alter your look, temporary color sprays can help you cover your widening part. Make sure to look for high-quality ones that don’t melt or drip even when you sweat. There are plenty of brands offering these kinds of products, so you’ll surely find one that matches your natural color.

Thinning Hair

Layered haircuts or a simple part change are quick fixes to thinning hair. Remember to consider your face shape when getting a haircut. The cut must frame your face so that your hair appears voluminous.

If you have enough prep time, you can blow-dry your hair to give it some volume. Just use the lowest or medium setting because extreme heat can cause breakage, which can make your hair look even thinner. Don’t forget to condition and moisturize regularly since frequent blow-drying can cause dryness.

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Keep in mind that these styling tricks are temporary remedies to hair fall. The best course of action is still to consult a dermatologist. They’ll identify the cause of your hair fall and recommend products and treatments that make your tresses stronger and healthier, remedying your hair loss permanently.

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