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Gym Injuries: The Dangers of Pursuing Fitness

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The Guardian reports that more and more people are now buying into hardcore fitness. Some become intoxicated and addicted to it, to the point that they are doing too much and can no longer function at their best. Aside from psychological intoxication, gym-goers can suffer from accidents and injuries, too.

The danger of the gym

The New York Times reveals that many Americans have been sent to emergency rooms due to injuries from weight training and the use of gym equipment. In particular, it has been reported that around 24,000 individuals acquired injuries from using the treadmill; approximately 30 people died from using treadmills between the years 2003 and 2012.

Injuries acquired using the treadmill include abrasions and broken bones. Some individuals even reported that they had developed chest pains while using the gym equipment. It has been recorded that head trauma from treadmill slips can cause death, too.

Aside from accidents, causes of injuries and deaths may be due to a lack of knowledge. Some start workouts without proper fitness knowledge; they may follow a workout routine that may not be right for their body. Beginners may not have the fitness level that a professional athlete or fitness guru has. Doing a high level of fitness routine may cause burnout and injury to a beginner.

Gym Hazards and Avoidance

When accidents happen, the natural next action is hospitalization. For instance, a person may need to undergo a maxillofacial procedure if they suffer from facial disfiguration due to a gym accident. However, hospitalization is not usually the end goal of a person when going to a gym; one wants to be fit, healthy, and look better.

Therefore, avoiding gym accidents and injuries is best for everyone.

Injuries from exercise

Injuries from exercises are usually due to improper selection or form. Every person has different needs, and therefore, not all exercise may be suitable for everybody. Without the advice of a professional trainer or a doctor consultation to those who have health issues, a mishap during an exercise routine is highly plausible.

CNN lists ten dangerous exercises that may cause injuries. The list includes bicycle crunches, squats, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings.

For bicycle crunches, experts advise against doing the exercise at a fast speed. Doing so may lead to herniated discs as well as muscle spasms. It may also cause spine and neck injuries. To avoid these injuries, slowing it down a little may help.

The kettlebell swing, on the other hand, is a strengthening exercise that requires proper technique. Contrary to the knowledge that the exercise is powered by the arms, power should come from the lower body like the hamstrings and glutes. Using the lower part of the body as the source of strength for swinging prevents one from getting should injury.


Meanwhile, the Romanian deadlift puts the back and hips in shape. However, with the wrong technique, it may result to back injury. Without even noticing it, a lifter may use their back to pick the bar, and this may cause muscle spasms and lumbar damage. The best way to avoid this is to ask for the help of a trainer; a trainer can spot a lifter’s form.

The best way to avoid injuries from exercise is to know one’s limit. A person possesses the knowledge of their medical condition and must know when to seek the advice of a doctor or not. Also, a person knows if they are a beginner in training or not; if a beginner, it is always advised to consult a trainer before beginning a workout routine. Trainers can develop the right training program for you.

The danger of an unqualified gym staff

Some trainers received the proper certification and have the right qualifications, while others did not. To recommend the appropriate fitness routine, a fitness trainer may have the proper education and training. Therefore, selecting the right trainer is essential in keeping yourself safe while in the gym.

To be safe, you must check if your fitness trainer has a valid certification from either the American Council on Exercise, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, or the American College of Sports Medicine. Others may have different specializations, and they may have special certificates for this, too. In addition, trainers attend conferences and workshops that add to their credentials.

Equipment Malfunction

Gym equipment is prone to wear and tear especially if they are constantly being used daily. Malfunction, therefore, is highly possible. To avoid the risk of being a victim of equipment malfunction, one must not be shy to ask gym staff if they regularly assess and repair equipment in the facility. Issues that you notice should be quickly reported so that they can instantly address the problem, too.

Danger isn’t an excuse

Knowing the dangers present in the gym should not hinder an individual from exercising. There is danger everywhere, but this should not limit anyone from living. What matters is being aware of these dangers to perform proper measures to eliminate or avoid them.

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