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Guide to Customizing Your Style While on a Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic can have a big impact on your personality. Maybe it has opened your eyes to your true form or helped you rediscover yourself. For some, this was a time where they have overcome their anxiety and insecurities. Whatever it is, you are surely not the same person that you were when this virus started.

This new change can also come with a new sense of style. Luckily, lockdowns are great for recreating your style because you have more time to work on it. Here are examples of what you can do while on a pandemic:

Learn new makeup techniques

Are you not satisfied with your makeup skills? Or maybe you are a beginner that wants to give it a try? The internet has lots of resources that you can use. Now is also a great time to practice them because you have more free time at home. More than that, it can be extremely relaxing to just try out new styles and techniques from the internet.

Even though you are at home most of the time, that doesn’t mean putting makeup on is pointless. For some people, it is a part of their daily routine and helps them feel good despite nobody else seeing it. Routines are great for keeping your motivation up and improving your mental health. This can also make you feel more productive, which can be difficult during a lockdown.

Youtube is your best bet to look for these types of tutorials. Instagram and TikTok are also full of makeup videos. You can try it out in the mirror while watching. The good thing about doing this during a lockdown is that no one will see it if it’s not that great.

Change your wardrobe

If you are tired of your clothes, then you can use this time to reorganize your closet. There are a lot of different ways you can customize your clothes. With your extra time from the lockdown, you can try one of your old clothes and see if it’s still something that fits your personality. They can be donated somewhere else and can be transformed into something better.

The average American throws away roughly 3 kilograms of clothes every year. All these clothes just end up in landfills, and they are also harmful to the environment. It increases carbon emission and pollutes the water. Many of them are made up of non-renewable material, so it takes decades for them to decompose. Turning old clothes into something new is a great way to create your own style as well as help the environment.

You may also consider buying new clothes if you’re not that good at sewing. Since the pandemic discourages non-essential traveling, going out to shop is not the best idea. Fortunately, you can always shop from home through online shops or boutiques. There are a lot more options, and you can discover local brands and names that could be cheaper and more stylish.

Experiment with new styles

Finding your own personal style doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, it requires a lot of trial and error. Before, it may feel a bit awkward to do this because it can feel strange seeing. While you are still figuring yourself out, you can experiment with different aesthetics without having to worry about others’ opinions. Once you feel comfortable with what you have, then you can flaunt your new look after the pandemic.

Experimenting could mean a lot of things. It could be trying different hairstyles or mixing up your wardrobe. You can even consider redecorating your home and room as a change of style. What some people do is create a board full of all the things that they like and what they want to incorporate in their style. This can be anything from motifs to color palettes.

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Build your confidence

Lastly the most important thing that you need to do is build your confidence. All those styling and nice clothes are nothing if you don’t walk with confidence. In fact, professionals say your self-esteem can hinder you from achieving your full potential. With this, anything you wear will be good on you because you own your personality.

No doubt, this is no easy task. Right now, what you can do is try to build yourself up with positive thinking and doing steps to improve yourself. You may need to set aside some time to meditate and find something you like about yourself. Confidence can also come when you are doing things that make you feel good such as exercise or doing hobbies.

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