Getting Hitched Soon? 5 Pandemic Wedding Trends to Expect in 2021

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Based on the Instagram poll conducted by, 55 percent of the website’s followers admitted to having changed their wedding expectations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, 82 percent revealed that the pandemic only made their desire to get wed and survive the crisis as a couple even stronger.

The wedding-themed website asked its Instagram followers (over 4,000 of which responded to the call) about their views on the ways the pandemic has affected how weddings are done. The study included respondents from different races/ethnicity, sexual orientations, income brackets, ages, and geographical locations.

If you’re among these strong-willed individuals who are willing to navigate the COVID-19 risks associated with getting married under such a situation, then you should know what exactly to expect to make your wedding safe and successful.

Here are five wedding trends you should expect and find inspiration from this 2021:

DIY-style wedding HMU will be big

As there’s still practically every chance of getting infected with COVID-19 with face-to-face encounters, you can expect to see an increasing number of future brides consider doing their hair and makeup (HMU).

If you’re quite adept at doing your hair and applying makeup like a pro, then this should not be an issue. Meanwhile, if you’ve never held a lipstick or makeup brush in your entire life, the months and weeks leading up to your wedding should be enough to learn how things are done. This should be a rather easy thing if you’ll watch closely and learn from DIY-style hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube.

This simple approach will not only ensure you’re not putting yourself or anyone else in your wedding entourage at risk, but you’re also honing a useful skill while saving money in the process.

Wedding gowns that can be reused or worn on different occasions

These days, practical brides don’t want to spend huge money on a gown that they would wear for a single day. Instead, there’s a growing number of soon-to-wed women who prefer their gowns to be versatile enough that they can be worn on different occasions.

This is exactly why bridal supply stores specializing in bridal gowns now feature transformative attire that offers extreme adaptability and elegance. These gowns exude grace and beauty that a bride epitomizes on her wedding day, but they’re versatile enough to be re-used and worn for the reception after the wedding vows and a sequel wedding.


The wedding list will continue to be slim

You can expect the continuation of a rather short list of wedding attendees — which is a trend that began last year.

As COVID-19 vaccines are yet to be administered to the majority of the US population, soon-to-be-wed couples will remain cautious about the safety of everyone in the wedding ceremonies and reception. As such, it’s going to be normal to see weddings with 50 or fewer guests, which will include only persons who are closest to the bride and groom.

Backyard weddings won’t be out of favor

This is yet another wedding trend that’s borne out of practicality and regard for personal safety.

This 2021, don’t be surprised to hear about couples marrying right on their lawns and backyards in a bid to avoid the risks of traveling to an outside venue where there’s always the risk of viral transmission.

Aside from the health and safety considerations, there’s also the matter of being practical about the choice: with a backyard wedding, the logistics won’t be as intensive, as is the cost needed to hold the wedding. If you’re both pragmatic people and you want to save money in every way possible, then this is an avenue worth taking.

Socially-distanced seating arrangements will be preferred

Experts agree that among the simplest and most effective ways of keeping oneself safe from COVID-19 is to maintain a safe distance from other people. You can easily do this during your wedding by seating guests in small pods or groups of guests seated at a table.

Instead of the typical 10 to 12 people seated at a single table, consider lowering it down to six or less and with enough distance between chairs. You have to make sure to work out the seating arrangement carefully and to communicate such a safety measure with all your guests, so they’ll know what to expect at the reception.

Getting married during a pandemic may be hard, but with these simple tips in place, you should pull it off easily and safely. Just follow them and make sure that everyone involved knows about them to have them on board with you on your quest for a COVID-safe wedding.

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