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Fun Things to Do to Get Fit Without Hitting the Gym

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So you hate going to the gym but want to get in shape? We totally understand how you feel. You don’t always need to hit the gym to get your much-needed workout. There are a lot of fun activities for adults that let you exercise and get fit even if you don’t set foot inside an exercise facility.

1. Play in the park.

Playing in the park is not only reminiscent of great times when you were younger, but it also lets you get plenty of bodyweight exercises that help build strength and tone our muscles.

2. Play workout video games.

Even if you already have a workout routine going for you, it can get boring after some time. Change it up and try workout video games instead. Pop in EA Sports Active 2 in your Nintendo Wii or Nike+ Kinect Training in your Xbox 360 and you’re in for a fun workout

3. Go bowling.

Another fun way of strengthening and toning your muscles is going bowling with your friends. It is found that the average person gets to walk at least half a mile during a three-game series while the more competitive ones who play more vigorously burn around 300 calories.

4. Dance.

Dancing is literally a cardio workout. It makes you sweat, moves your muscles beyond their normal reach, and burns plenty of calories. So the next time you and your friends can’t decide what exercise to do, hit the club and dance your hearts out.

5. Play sports.

Any sport requires full-body movement which makes for a great workout session. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, and lots more indoor and outdoor sports are great for stretching and toning your muscles and building your endurance.

6. Go to an indoor wall climbing facility.

If you prefer a more challenging and unconventional workout, why don’t you give wall climbing a try? It tests your body’s physical limits and your mettle which can be quite frustrating at first. However, the more you get into it, the better at it you become.

7. Go hiking.

Those who love nature will truly enjoy going out on the trail for long hikes. Hiking lets you burn some serious calories, especially if you’re going on uphill treks. It also lessens the chances of illness and improves your posture. All of that plus you get to take in nature’s magnificent scenery and breathtaking beauty. What more could you ask for?

8. Take rides on your bike.

Another fun aerobic and cardiovascular activity you can do outdoors is to go on a bike ride. Biking gives you some serious cardio workout, especially if you go on a trail. Whether you go terrain or flat, biking is a fun exercise you can do all by yourself or with your gang.

9. Swim.

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We don’t need to outline the health benefits of swimming. Almost everybody knows how good swimming is for the body. It tones your muscles, builds endurance, enhances your flexibility, and helps stabilize your balance. It’s one of the best complete workouts you can do.

10. Do the dirty.

Yes. You know what it is. Studies show that engaging in that thing that consenting adults do burns a lot of calories. So, yes, it’s healthy. And lots of fun.

The notion that exercise is boring is all just a matter of perspective. There are a lot more fun and exciting ways to get fit and stay in shape without going to the gym. You just need to look for the activities that work for you

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