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Fun and Exciting Ideas for Entertainment on Your Next Business Event

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It’s normal to think that business events are boring, full of politics, and restricted. They don’t have to be an extension of the corporate environment. They are anyway, great means of recruiting clients, building partnerships, and boosting employee morale. If you’ve been tasked to organise your company’s next big corporate event, your goal should be to make it extremely amusing and memorable.

But with the current pandemic, your ideas can become limited as health and safety protocols are in place. Swift Digital, a top event automation provider, revealed in their February 2021 study that 47% of organisations in Australia shifted to virtual events, while 18% stopped organising their business events altogether. So, what can you do?

You must adapt accordingly. You have to find a way to make your corporate even enjoyable while following protocols. To help you brainstorm your company’s next event, here are some tips on how you can organise it, what type of entertainment you can consider, and where you can go to conduct the event.

Think About the Audience

Organise an event that is appropriate for your attendees. Who are they anyway?

Start with the goal of your event. You’d want an event that will cater to your attendees’ status and level.

To be more specific with who your audience will be, send out a survey months before the event. Ask your attendees what their preferences are. Know their favourite past times and demographics. If your company has an event software tool, you can use its analytics about previous attendees. Learn about what they liked about past events and what they’re expecting for the next ones.

Where to go and some entertainment options

Based on your attendees’ preferences, pick a destination that offers the types of entertainment they want. Cairns and Port Douglas are some of the most popular cities that previously held huge, successful corporate events in the past two years.

The city of Cairns has a convention centre that can accommodate 5,000 people. Local event planners offer entertainment ranging from live music to live acts with a twist.

In Port Douglas town, you can take your delegates on an incentive event tour. It’s where the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Forest are located.

Don’t Forget Your Goal

Thinking about the right kind of entertainment can always steer you to take the trendy route. But you don’t have to follow that. The latest trends can get you off-track with the goals of your event.

Remind yourself always about the main purpose of your event. With that in mind, decisions can come quickly — from what food to serve to which activities will work.

Where to go and some entertainment options

Tourism Australia boasts of the success stories that Queensland has to offer. Why not take an off-beaten track? You don’t have to stick with the traditional event destinations. Go to Sydney and rent a beautiful corporate boat. Enjoy the spectacular view of Sydney Harbour while sipping a glass of wine.

Stick to Entertainment that Fits the Budget

Entertainment is almost always the most expensive part of a business event. Unforeseen expenses always add to the net cost. Prevent this from happening by knowing what additional supporting elements will your entertainment need. Plan this ahead, so you don’t have to pay extra costs.

Where to go and entertainment suggestions

Melbourne, is a flexible and inventive city, making it a great event destination. There is an array of venues, entertainment, accommodation, and activities available that can fit your budget. The city is home to historic markets, major events, laneway bars, festivals, galleries, and some of the best restaurants in the world.

Create a Buzz-Worthy Event

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Organise a corporate event that will be the talk of the town, or industry, for months on end. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the most buzz-worthy events are those that provide unique experiences to their audience.

If you can think of one-of-a-kind, immersive entertainment or activity, take it for a test run with your co-workers. If they liked it, consider it as an option. The key here is reaching a high level of enthusiasm from what your co-workers experienced during the activity.

Where to go and entertainment suggestions:

Business events in Brisbane and Perth always leave attendees in awe. Brisbane offers interactive puzzle rooms, hands-on programs, workshops, and more different kinds of experiences for corporate event attendees. The vibrant city of Perth, with its laid-back residents and leading universities, offers yacht sailing, exploring wineries, swimming with dolphins and whale sharks, meeting quokkas, and many more.

The Perfect Setting

To have a successful corporate event, it must have the perfect balance between productivity, information, fun, and safety. Following these tips can help you achieve that balance. Plus, considering most destinations in Australia offer outdoor activities, which fosters healthy social distancing practices, it has become a perfect venue for memorable and unique business events.

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