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Four Safety Features Your Car Needs

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From airbags to anti-lock brakes, car safety features have seen significant improvements for the past years. Today, most car buyers are on the lookout for models that offer the latest features fitted for their budget.

Statistics show that in 2012, there were 7,700 fewer driver deaths compared to 1985, when cars were not yet in the state they are in right now. Thus, making it easier for people to manage their auto insurance in Taylorsville or elsewhere.

So, what are the main safety features that have changed in the past decade? Here is a list of the new technologies that you’ll find it interesting for your car in the next few years.

1. Electronic Stability Control

Many people believe that stability control is one of the best innovations done since the development of anti-lock brakes. Stability control is an excellent combination of traction control with yaw rate added to steering-angle sensors.

For instance, if your car suddenly starts to weave or slip from your control, the electronic stability control feature will apply one or more of its brakes. It can also dial back the power to get your vehicle back in control. This happens automatically that the driver won’t even notice it.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

This is one of the most common features available in most cars today. The system uses radar and sensors to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicle ahead. It automatically applies the throttles at the brakes when the traffic begins to slow down.

Drivers most often use this feature during long highway cruises or when they’re stuck in traffic. If the system senses any possible collision, then it will activate the brakes immediately and tighten the seat belts.

3. Anti-Lock Brakes

Mechanic fixing the car brakeAnti-lock brakes, otherwise known as ABS, became widely popular when it became mandatory for all vehicles to have such features in 2012. Previously, car owners had to pump the brakes so that it won’t lock the tires. They also do it to prevent any accidents if they ever lose control of the brakes.

ABS automatically adjusts the brake pressure for each wheel. Doing so maximizes the available traction to diminish the stopping distances. Moreover, it also gives the driver the ability to steer freely without losing its stability.

4. Automatic Emergency Breaking

It’s one of the most in-demand car features to date. If a car has it in its engine, it will automatically start breaking once it senses collision. It offers a much quicker response compared to a driver’s reaction time; thus, preventing any potential accidents. The brakes automatically set in effect even before the driver’s foot hits the pedals.

Yet, a few drivers complain about its oversensitivity depending on the car model. This feature is significant, especially for those people who are new to driving.

Make sure to consider any of these technologies for your ride. It’s always best to focus on your safety especially if you’re behind the wheels. Although some of these features may be expensive, no amount of money can replace your life. So, to ask your car dealership if they offer any of these latest features to ensure your safety whenever you’re on the road.

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