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Five Ways to Get Yourself through the Flu Season

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The flu season is around the corner since people expect the winter season to be the coldest this year. The influenza virus might be evolving, too, becoming too aggressive. Cases of flu are rising this year, but the worse thing is, it’s becoming severe by the minute, even taking lives.

Flu cases are on the rise in the United States. In areas like Lehi, Utah, many people seek urgent care to treat this illness. About 9.3 million to 49 million flu victims are reported since 2010. Every year, about five to 20 percent of the population in the country contracts the flu.

To protect oneself and become well if you have the flu, here are five ways to get you through the flu season.

Feed Your Immune System with the Right Nutrients

Your diet impacts your health; hence, you need to eat healthy food to boost the immune system. This way, you will protect your body against harmful pathogens that can cause disease. Follow a diet that’s rich in vitamins and amino acids.

Amino acids, along with some fats and carbohydrates, enhance the body’s ability to produce proteins for an immune system function. Further, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps provide the body with the needed vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, for a better immune response.

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Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Whether you’re healthy or already down with the flu, drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water, is important. When you’re sick, drink more liquids, such as water, fruit juices, broth-based soups, and sports drinks. Fluids help keep the respiratory system hydrated, reducing the risk of the accumulated thick mucus that can be hard to cough up.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise help improve your overall health. It helps reduce the risk of developing flu or even other diseases. The American Heart Association recommends having at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Aside from helping enhance the immune system, regular exercise can help ward off obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic illness, and depression, to name a few.

Practice Good Habits

Getting enough sleep and practicing good hygiene are some of the healthy habits you can do. This way, you can avoid acquiring diseases, such as flu and other infections. Sleeping at the right time and getting enough rest can help boost one’s immune system.

Practicing good hygiene, such as regularly washing your hands, can ward off pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms. These will help you avoid contracting the flu virus.

Get the Flu Shot

Four strains of the flu virus are believed to be the most common during the flu seasons. One of the most efficient ways to protect yourself from them is the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine can also protect those who are affected by the illness from complications that can be potentially fatal.

Protecting the body against the flu is crucial because virus strains are evolving. The once harmless viruses can now cause severe illness. Follow these suggestions to ensure you’re protected against the flu and other chronic diseases that can take a toll on your health.

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