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A Style Guide for Adults Who are Entering Their Mid or Early 30s

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Today’s standards have led many young adults to become a little more pressured. They’re continuously challenged unintentionally. It could be because of the quality of life they see from their peers. Or perhaps, goals that they thought they would have already achieved but still didn’t.

According to research initiated by LinkedIn, 75% of the participants felt a quarter-life crisis. These correspondents are ages between 25-33. They felt like they haven’t achieved anything significant with their life and career. A quarter-life crisis can affect a lot of aspects of someone’s life. It could affect career choices, relationships, lifestyle preferences, and more.

But there’s one thing that people may not notice about the quarter-life crisis. The people in these age groups get a little confused about their choices in life. These choices include their style preferences. Some think that they should always dress nicely so that they could be presentable to a potential lover. Some people think that they should just ultimately stop styling themselves.

But the question is, how should you style yourself when you reach your early to mid-30s? Here’s a guide that you should check out.

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Dress According To Your Lifestyle

Each person has a different lifestyle to cater to. You want to make sure that the way you dress is suitable for the lifestyle you have. Are you the one frequently running to the grocery to restock your pantry? You may always want to wear something that you can shop in. Do you have a job that requires you to face clients any time of the day?

You should always be ready by looking presentable. This only means that you have to dress according to the way of living you have. Most people in this age group are active in their careers and always on the go. If you have that type of lifestyle, you need to style yourself in a way that’s suitable to your career and everyday living.

Beautify Yourself

Some people in this age group think that they should minimize styling themselves. Some think that they have to stop putting on makeup or doing cosmetic modifications. But the truth is, you should be doing enough to make yourself presentable. If putting on makeup makes you feel more confident, then do it. Some men at this age also become prone to losing their hair. If you think you’re experiencing this, you can go to clinics like Alpha Micropigmentation for scalp treatments.

Are you starting to see wrinkles on your face? You can definitely do procedures that can lessen them. Don’t hold back from making yourself feel more confident. Do things that will boost your self-esteem and make you feel more beautiful.

Get Your Footwear Ready

The best footwear for your age is the most appropriate one. Appropriateness means your footwear should match the occasion. For example, you like to run errands. You should be wearing comfortable shoes but at the same time, presentable. Or maybe, you frequently travel for business. You’re supposed to always bring shoes that are appropriate for meetings and presentations. This only means that your footwear should suit your lifestyle and the career you’re in.

Display Elegance on Dates

The age you’re in may make you think that you’re supposed to settle with a partner. In fact, the average age of marriage in the US in 2021 falls at 34 years. That’s according to the wedding planning website The Knot. This is why you may be feeling pressured to find the one that you could spend the rest of your life with. The first thing you need to do is to stop pressuring yourself.

This can make you feel more comfortable going out on dates. And if you’re going to date, always look your best. Display elegance and impressive styling. Always wear outfits that are appropriate to the venue. The most important thing is you should look good. That’s because your physical appearance is always going to be part of your date’s first impression of you.

Be Yourself

If you noticed, most of the styling advice above depends on an individual’s lifestyle. This needs to be emphasized because your style is what makes you stand out. The most important thing is your style should suit your lifestyle perfectly. It should also be something that’ll boost your confidence. The bottom line is you have to be yourself and be comfortable with your own style as long as it’s functional and suited to the way you live your life.

This guide isn’t ultimately definitive. But you can use this as a manual so you could come up with your distinctive style. Be confident and face your 30s with a boosted self-esteem.

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