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Encouraging the Community to Tap Into Environmentally-Friendly Energy

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Back then, renewable sources of energy were just dreams that people wished would come true. But even now that they exist and are available down to the home level, there are still not as many individuals using them as there could be. There are still certain factors that hold people back from tapping into them, such as misinformation or lack of funds. As an individual, here are some activities that you can do to encourage the community to use environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Spread Awareness

One of the most immediate things that you can do when you want to encourage the use of green energy sources in your community is to spread awareness about them. There are still many people who are still wary of them or are unsure as to whether they are actually safe and reliable or not just like with the Chevelon Butte wind farm. You can look up and share related posts on social media, or even hold discussions on them, especially if you’re in the academic field. However, don’t be too pushy about it and let people make their own decisions.

Take Initiative

Sometimes people don’t do something because there’s no one setting an example or taking the lead. Also, not everyone is convinced by words that they can’t prove to be true. If you have the finances for it, you can encourage the others in your community by connecting your house or establishment to a renewable energy source. If it benefits you and people can see it, your words will have more impact. Those who were already thinking about it will be encouraged to try it.


Help the Community Share

Some of the people in the community might be hesitant to switch to renewable sources because they think they don’t have the funds. If you have enough influence on your community, you could try suggesting a community-owned facility. People can pitch in whatever they can to build it, and then everyone can make use of the electricity that’s produced from it. They don’t have to worry too much about affording it individually. They only have to see if those who can contribute can reach the target amount for it.

Make It Easier

If you have some authority over your community, then you could consider making it easier for green energy companies to work with you and the people under you. Maybe you could help them with possible locations or you could lower costs for them in exchange for the assurance that what they produce can be used by the people. Just make sure that everything is set up legally and that you have the general approval of the people before you give a project a go.

It doesn’t matter what place you have in the community; there’s always something that you can do to encourage the people around you to consider using renewable energy sources. What matters is that you try and that you’re doing this for the good of the environment as well as your community.

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