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Easy Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

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When finally deciding on a fitness journey, many people often think that they need a fitness gym membership. While that isn’t exactly wrong, there’s more to becoming fit than simply having a gym membership. Busy people who travel often might even find a gym membership moot: you can’t take advantage of membership if there’s no affiliated gym nearby. Even though many membership programs now offer membership to gyms across the country, it can still be difficult to create a schedule when you’re constantly changing areas all the time,

But not to worry, after all, the gym isn’t the only way you can become fit. While there are many alternatives, such as portable equipment or a multi-gym membership, nothing quite hits the personal fitness journey spot as much as bodyweight exercises. They’re exercises you can do anywhere, anytime (provided there’s relative space and uninterrupted time), with very little equipment involved. Be it in a hotel room or even a customized recreational vehicle, you can do all these exercises to make sure that you’re maintaining, if not improving your fitness level.

Here’s a list of exercises you can do, and some tips to help you accomplish them:


Everyone’s familiar with the good old push-ups. You go down on the ground with your hands posted, and your feet shoulder-width apart, and you lower your body and then push yourself back up. Make sure to keep your elbows from flaring outwards, and put your weight on your chest area. It may sound traditional and boring, but it’s effective and reliable.

if you’re having a hard time completing the standard push up, you can go for easier variations to help build your strength, such as:

Wall Push-Ups

Much like a standard push-up, but this time using a wall. Make sure to put your body weight on your hands so you still have resistance. Do as much as you can, and if you find that it’s easy to progress to the next difficulty level.

Elevated Push-Ups

Best done on a chair or any elevated platform, put your hands on something like a bench or the edge of a bed, with your feet planted on the ground.

women squatting


Don’t neglect your legs! It’s easy to overlook the importance of your lower body when it comes to exercising, as it’s something that we don’t often see and therefore do not focus much on. However, it is your leg that supports your whole body, and it would do you well to have strong legs as well.

Start by placing your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed forward. Starting sitting down slowly, to whatever depth you can manage without having your knees go past your toes. Rise back up, and squeeze your glutes as soon as you’re standing.

If you’re having a hard time maintaining your balance or not getting enough depth, you can opt for easier variations of squats. You need a chair for this one and sit on it with your toes and knees facing forward. Stand up and squeeze your glutes, and then sit down in a controlled manner. It sounds easy, but after a few repetitions, you’ll find that it’s almost as difficult as a regular squat.


They’re tiring, they’re difficult, but they’re also very effective in helping you improve your fitness. Burpees mix strength, cardio, and coordination all into one exercise, making it a highly efficient exercise to include in your routine. Start from a standing position, and drop down to a push-up position as fast as and as safe as you can. There’s no need to do a push-up at this point, but no one’s stopping you if you can.

Push yourself up to a squatting position (don’t forget your feet must face forward and your knees must not go past your toes) and jump up. As soon as you’re on the ground, drop back into a push-up position and repeat as necessary.

Burpees are great cardio exercises if you don’t have the time and space to go jogging, making it a perfect exercise that can be done anywhere.


Don’t forget the importance of flexibility. Flexibility exercises are often deliberately overlooked in most cases as many find them difficult or even painful to perform. But they are an important part of any fitness routine as they help prevent muscle injuries, alleviate any aches and pains coming from soreness, and even help you with balance problems. A properly stretched muscle will feel a lot easier to move in, and will definitely help you move better in your everyday life.

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