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Earning on the Go: How to Make Lots of Money While Driving

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Are you just staying at home wondering how you can contribute to paying the bills? Or do you need ways to earn more beyond business hours? As expenses pile up and the bills keep coming, it makes more and more sense to maximize your assets to earn more.

If you have spare time and you’re a smart, safe, and good driver, then you’re the perfect fit for these income streams. Don’t worry about having a car. With car rental services in Singapore, you can rent hybrid cars and start driving and earning right away. Here’s how you can make money behind the wheel:


Ridesharing companies like Uber, Lyft, or Grab have innovated the business of transportation, and as more people reach out to the commodity, now’s the perfect time to join. You can lease out any of Lion City Rental’s vehicles for an extended period and register as a driver in any of these platforms.

Do you prefer to do it on your own? You can too! Ask co-workers about their daily routes and volunteer to be their personal carpool system. You can also tell friends that they can book your driving services for special trips for a fixed rate.

Courier Services

courier service

You can set up your service for delivering various goods through platforms like Amazon, UberEats, Honestbee, and others. Transport packages, food ordered online, groceries and other fast-moving products that potential on-the-go customers will need around-the-clock.

This can be in the form of helping your busy friends do their errands for them: deliver their groceries, bring their daily prepared meals, or getting their packages from the postal or courier office that need to be claimed within business hours.

Advertisement Space

If you don’t mind wrapping your car with advertorial content, then leasing it for marketing purposes can also be the way to go. The best part of being a roving billboard is you literally don’t need to do anything – just drive your car around! You still get to go to a day job, help your friends with their errands, or even go out of town. Just make sure that you drive long routes for maximum mileage on the part of the advertiser, and more bucks for you.

Driving for Special Occasions

There are a few special circumstances when your driving skills might be essential. One is relocation. Depending on what you drive, you can ask friends who are moving if you can help them transport their things.

You can also drive like a nanny. New or expecting mothers usually need more help getting around as they are still adjusting to the many difficult tasks that come with having a child.

Another opportunity related to this is elderly support. Seniors also need assistance moving around. As mobility is an issue, you can offer your driving service to help them get from place to place.

Driving Education

If all else fails, you can always choose to teach other people how to drive. If you have a professional driver’s license and safety driving certificate, you can register as an instructor in driving academies or spend weekends offering lessons to friends and family for a fee. This way, you still get to work during weekdays and teach more people how to get around!

As long as there are people who need to commute or travel, your driving skills will always be indispensable. Just find a schedule that suits you and start earning extra cash!

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