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Detoxification for Better Health: An Overview

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Both weight watchers and health and wellness enthusiasts alike have something to say about detoxification. But what does detox mean? An entry in defines detoxification as “a process in which the body is allowed to free itself of a drug.” Historically, it was used to treat chemical dependency. It’s a treatment option for people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.
Fast forward to this day. More people do detox through meal replacement shakes and new technologies like the full-body red light therapy bed. Are these detoxification strategies effective? Are they necessary?

Modern-day detoxification

Detoxification, as we know it today, is the process of helping our bodies get rid of harmful toxins. While our bodies can detoxify on its own, furthering its detoxification process gives our vital organs the chance to rest, to heal, and to recover. Moreover, it resets the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, making you healthier and less susceptible to illnesses and infections. Here are other reasons why you need to detoxify:

Detox eliminates toxins

Let’s talk a bit more about eliminating toxins from your body through detox.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the hygiene products we use all have toxins in them. While you can try to minimise your exposure to toxins, you cannot completely get rid of it, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is. Over time, the toxins that have accumulated in your body will affect your body’s ability to perform optimally. According to an article from BrainMD, toxins may also cause poor memory and concentration, erratic behavior, word confusion, mood swings, migraines, and vertigo.

Detox raises your energy levels

Do you ever feel tired and lethargic even though you’ve just woken up? Frequent sluggishness could be a telltale sign that your body is suffering from toxin overload. That is where detox comes in. Helping your body eliminate excess toxins through detox, can up your energy levels and make you feel more active throughout the day.

Detox curbs your cravings

Some people quickly assume that they have a binge eating disorder when, in reality, they could only be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Imbalances don’t just affect your body; it also affects your appetite. If you find yourself constantly snacking day in and day out, this may be due to an imbalance. You can try to reset this by going on a detox program or trying out new technologies to help the body improve its natural detoxification process.

Detox helps absorb more nutrients

More than anything, excess toxins keep the body from absorbing essential micronutrients. Left untreated, this potentially causes nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, this could also weaken your body’s ability to fight off diseases and infections. Detoxifying can help you ward off common nutritional deficiencies such as anemia, hypothyroidism, and degenerative eye disorders, among others.

Detox is suitable for managing stress

To say that too much stress is bad for your health is an understatement. When the body suffers from high Cortisol levels, it becomes more immune to certain diseases such as heart disease, fatty lives, gastrointestinal problems, and even premature death. High levels of stress can also elevate blood sugar levels. Combining a healthy lifestyle with your detox program of choice could significantly lower stress levels, paving the way for a better quality of life.

Natural Ways to Detox

Many people try different detox programs to experience the full benefits of detox. Some of the more common ways to detox include drinking smoothies and meal replacement shakes, eating superfoods, changing their diet, and taking detox supplements. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these detox programs depends on the current condition of your body and how closely you were able to follow the program.

Red light for detox

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Have you ever heard of infrared therapy? If you haven’t yet, then it’s time to read up more on the topic. Infrared therapy, also called red light therapy, is a modern technology used for detoxification. In its simplest sense, this technology helps the body detoxify at the cellular level by increasing the body’s temperature and fighting free radicals to prevent oxidative stress. Aside from helping the body increase the level by which it detoxifies naturally, red light therapy is also suitable for cardiovascular health, pain, and inflammation, muscle injuries, and relaxation.

Are you ready for detox?

Detoxification has powerful benefits that can boost your immunity and help your body function at its best. Study your options before embarking on any detox program. Traditional detox programs are generally considered safe and effective, but they might not offer the added benefits offered by newer technologies.

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