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Determining the Best Time to Replace Your Furnace

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Your home’s all decked out for winter. The holiday garlands are up. The sweater pillows and blankets are on the couch. And the faux fur throws add visual and physical warmth to your living space. But no matter how warm these little details are, they don’t compare to the warmth of a fully working furnace.

There’s more to winter preparations than putting up cozy home decorations that you can enjoy until the early days of spring. Quirky furnishings and plush fabrics aside, you have to pay attention to your furnace. This is especially important if your HVAC system is over 10 years old. No matter how well-maintained the old system is, you might want to consider switching to a newer and more energy-efficient model.

  • An old HVAC system uses more energy. It could be the reason behind your large monthly utility bills.
  • HVAC repairs might appear cheaper but in the long run, replacing the system helps you save more.
  • No matter how well-maintained it is, an old system could break down at the most inopportune times.

When is the best time to schedule a professional furnace replacement service?

Your Furnace Is Over 10 Years Old

A well-maintained furnace lasts for up to 20 years on average. The system’s performance will gradually decline, though, regardless of how diligent you are with repairs and maintenance. So why bother yourself with more frequent repairs when you can replace your decade-old furnace with a new system?

Talk to your local HVAC experts to find out which type of furnace is most suitable for your home: gas, oil, or electric furnace. These have varying initial prices, maintenance costs, lifespans, and overall efficiency.

The benefits of a new furnace system go beyond heating your home more effectively. HVAC technology is continually improving. These changes might not be as noticeable as smartphone upgrades and computer innovations but HVAC systems are increasingly intuitive and energy-efficient. ;

Add the furnace to your list of home improvements already.

Your Utility Costs Are Rising Up

Many people don’t even consider the thought of replacing a 10-year-old furnace with a newer model because the initial costs are way higher than the price of occasional repairs and tune-ups. But those repairs, along with regular maintenance, become more frequent as the furnace gets older. ;

Your annual HVAC repair and maintenance costs might not be close to the total cost of a new furnace. You’ll still be spending more money every year, though, in an effort to keep the old furnace running.

On top of the repair and maintenance costs, you might notice your energy bills gradually increasing during colder months. This is most likely because of an old furnace model that consumes greater electricity and has a lower fuel efficiency than its newer, more energy-efficient alternatives.

Install a new furnace or HVAC system to help minimize your utility bills.

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You’re Seeing Signs of Wear and Tear

You don’t replace an old furnace simply because it’s old. It’s not actually about how old the furnace is. The issue about old furnaces lies in the inconveniences associated with years of wear and tear, and in how much money you’re spending just to address these signs that naturally increase over time.

Watch out for signs of wear, such as the inability to generate as much heat as it used to or the tendency to generate less heat the longer the system runs. And if the furnace is constantly breaking down to the point that the repair team is visiting your home more often, consider replacing it already.

Prioritize your household’s comfort. Don’t wait for the furnace to be a total inconvenience before replacing it.

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