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Desining From Memory: Using Memory as an Interior Design Choice for Christmas

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Part of the spirit of Christmas is decorating your house’s interior with the vibrant colors of the holiday. There are many ways you can decorate your rooms. However, only a few design principles can deliver a good look without being too overbearing. One of the principles of interior decoration is using memories. They are great at invoking feelings and simple to do. The best part is that you have plenty of them!

Using Memories

You should always design your home in a way that could maximize psychological comfort. This can make you and your family feel more calmed and relaxed as you spend time during the holidays. So it’s important to remember what makes this particular event special for you. It could be the soft rug you used to play on when you were a kid or that rugged couch your grandfather used to sit in and read stories aloud. These are all good memories that can help you determine what kind of design you can go for this Christmas.

One good way to invoke family memories during Christmas is through the use of pictures. Photos have a great way of invoking long lost family memories. They can also be an excellent way to start conversations with one another, telling each other stories about those times. Interior design has the capability of invoking these things when done right. So place some picture frames where there’s going to be a fair amount of traffic and watch as your family members start sharing beautiful stories.

Ultimately, memories bring in the best parts of interior design. They could easily be the ones that could lead your design this coming Christmas. They are simple, plentiful, and does not require a lot of work. This means you can cover much of your house in a small amount of time. So think up as many memories as you can and dig up those old photographs and let them be your guide.

Use a Familiar Color Combination

Sticking to the theme of using memories, using a familiar color combination can be a good way for you to light up your home’s interior design. Sticking to something familiar is always a good interior design choice because you know from experience that it will work well. This also means you don’t have to deviate and tirelessly look for something new. You can stick with what you know and make it better.
For example, red, blue, and green are a classic combination of lights for Christmas, and it doesn’t need much to make them look good. Simple yellow lights from lightbulbs can also create a more homely feeling at Christmas. It also has a warmer color making it feel good during the cold nights of Christmas. However, if you want to get something more out of these lights, feel free to contact a contractor that specializes in Christmas lights.
Sometimes it’s good to get a little bit of outside help. These contractors can help you look into a variety of Christmas lights. They can also show you the best kind of combinations you can have in your house. Additionally, they can install the lights for you, so you don’t have to do too much work during the holidays.

Use Scents

Smell is one of the essential senses we have as human beings. It should also be one of the senses you should be leveraging this Christmas.
When people think of interior design, all they think of is how it would look like. However, interior design is so much more than that. Smell is one of the best ways to elevate your interior Christmas design to new levels. It’s also one of the best senses that can invoke that familiar Christmas feeling.

Go into various candle stores and start investing in some scented candles. Chances are you might be new to this, so start by getting their best-sellers and placing them in various hotspots in your house. Watch your family and guests start feeling more cozy and relaxed than ever. Smell is a powerful tool for people’s psychological comfort, and it should also be one of your design choices this coming Christmas.
Memory is a powerful tool for interior design, especially when you’re designing for someday special. This is applicable not only for Christmas but also for birthdays and other holidays. It’s an amazing tool that could never fail you when you’re designing your home.

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