Dealer or Independent: Where to Take the Car for Servicing and Repair

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In owning and maintaining a car, you are sure to run into some issue or another. But the question is, where will you take your vehicle to? The following are some of the questions that you would want to ask yourself when you are thinking of getting your car serviced or repaired.

These will help you choose between taking it to a dealer and bringing it to an independent mechanic.

Is Your Car Under Warranty?

This is one of the first questions that you ever ask yourself when you’re coming to a decision about your car’s servicing, repairs, and parts replacement. Usually, Holden car dealers in Auckland will provide you with some free work if it’s still within warranty.

However, if your vehicle is past all that, it will be okay to look for an independent mechanic if it will be more convenient for you. However, you would have to take extra care in looking for one.

Would You Need Parts?

Some repairs on your vehicle would require you to replace some of its parts. While both the dealer and an independent mechanic may have the same ones that you need, you may want to consider the quality and not just the price. Often, official dealers will have the right parts that will go perfectly with everything else.

However, if your vehicle is beyond warranty already, and you have access to independents that specialise in the brand that you have, you may go there as a choice. Generic parts do not last as long, so think carefully if you’re going for a general mechanic for this purpose instead.

Are You Going to Sell the Vehicle?

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Some people want to get their vehicles serviced because they are going to sell it to someone else. Given this situation, you are more likely to sell your car if you take it to the dealer. Some buyers do not take well to the knowledge that their future vehicle was serviced by people they’re not sure of.

They will not be sure if the car would actually be in the best possible condition. Also, you are more likely to be able to sell the car for a higher price.

Do You Have the Budget?

A deciding factor for many people is the cost of servicing or repair. While this is important in general, it would be best to think about whether you want greater expenses for the long-term or short-term. Going to the dealer may be more expensive, but your car will be able to last longer to offset the cost.

Going to an independent will be cheaper upfront and in general, but unless they specialise in the car that you own, your vehicle may suffer in lifespan.

Every choice that you make in life has its pros and cons. The question is: Which one has consequences that you can handle? To determine it, you should know more about the choices that you’re presented with. And what better way is there than to ask questions?

Don’t be afraid to make inquiries when you need to.

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