Dating Etiquette when You Have Herpes

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Trying to get back into the dating scene when you have herpes or any virus can be scary and challenging. Most people panic whenever they hear the word “herpes,” but you shouldn’t, as you’d be surprised how common it is.

However, disclosing this fact is still a must when going on a date with a new partner. Herpes can be transmitted through physical means. That is why it is important to be transparent with your partner, especially if you plan to be intimate with them later on. You must make sure that what you have is herpes, so you should take an online test for a speedy herpes diagnosis first. Also, here are some things to remember about disclosing this information:

Be Honest

If you want the relationship to work, you must be 100% honest when dating with herpes. Let your partner know that you have it and that you would understand if they refuse to be intimate with you.

Being diagnosed with herpes doesn’t mean you have to stop any form of intimacy with a partner. But you have to be responsible and let your partner know about it. Talk to them beforehand and ask them how they feel about it.


Use Protection

This tip is the most important step of them all. Before being physically intimate with a partner, make sure that you have protection ready. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman – you need to keep one handy, especially if you have herpes or any other type of STD.

You should also learn the proper way to use a type of protection the right way. Using one will help stop the spread of the virus. But if you or your partner is still not comfortable even when using one, you might want to avoid physical intimacy altogether.

Try to Be Positive About It

It’s challenging to be positive when talking about herpes. But you must try, especially when talking to your partner about it. Start by saying something positive, such as how much you love being in the relationship and how happy you are that you two are together. You can head onto the physical direction, but tell them that it’s okay if they do not feel comfortable talking about it.

Tell them how important physical health is to you and that you want to be transparent with them. Don’t spill the beans without any introduction because this might make them panic.

Avoid Physical Intimacy for the Time Being

If you are uncomfortable with sleeping with your partner and you don’t want them to contract the disease from you, you should avoid physical intimacy. Tell them that you genuinely care about them and that you want them to be completely healthy. You can wait for your herpes to be treated or at least be a lot better so that you can be sure that there won’t be any problem.

The key is to be honest and transparent with your partner. Think about how they would feel if you don’t tell them and they find out later on. Talk to your physician and ask them how you can have safe and responsible physical intimacy with your partner, even when living with herpes.

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