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Make Your Home Healthier and Easier to Clean Through These Design Choices

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A messy and unkempt home can cause a lot of problems. The dust buildup in the corners of the home can cause allergies. If you have a lot of things lying around, they can be very distracting. Clutter can make you more stressed and hinder you from performing well at work or in school. Given these disadvantages, you need to keep your home as clean as possible to promote health and wellness.

But sometimes, cleaning can be difficult. When you think about all the corners you need to dust and the furniture you need to lift to remove dust, you might get discouraged from cleaning. You may also get overwhelmed by the mess you see around your home.

Fortunately, there are certain design choices you can do in your home to make cleaning easier for you.

Build a Garage

If you don’t have one already, you might also consider building a garage in your property, if feasible. Having a garage can be very useful in making your home healthier. A garage doesn’t just protect a vehicle from sun damage or hailstorm damage. It can also become an extra storage room.


You can store tools in your garage instead, such as your car tools and gardening tools. You can also put things you don’t often use in the garage so that they don’t add an unsightly view inside your home. Some examples include small and old furniture you no longer use, old toys that only collect dust in your home, and so on.

Opt for Closed Shelves

Open shelves may look good in an Instagram feed. But realistically, they can be overwhelming to look at, especially when they become messy. Dust can also easily land on the surfaces of each section, which can be tedious to clean.

So you might consider using closed shelves instead. Even though the inside can get messy over time, at least the mess is out of sight and won’t distract or overwhelm you. You can just make time on a weekend or on a free day to organize and clean the shelves. Using closed shelves will also minimize dust accumulation on your things.

Put Blinds on Your Windows

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If you keep your windows open during the day, it’s normal for dust to come in. But as much as you want to keep the windows closed, they need to be open to some degree to improve the ventilation in your home.

You can cover these windows with curtains or drapes. But they’re dust magnets and can attract dust mites. When dust collects in curtains and you accidentally shake or move them, the dust will just fly around your home.

The best option to cover your windows is to use blinds or shutters. They’re easy to clean and don’t collect dust as much as curtains do.

Skip the Carpet

Carpets are popular floor coverings that can be found in most homes. In 2019, carpet and area rug sales were estimated to be worth 11.32 billion dollars, demonstrating its popularity. Despite this demand, you might want to skip carpets and choose a different flooring instead.

Carpets are very high maintenance. For instance, they attract dust so easily, so they need regular deep cleaning. Also, if you happen to spill something on the floor, like coffee or tea, it may leave a stain that will be difficult to remove. If it becomes a nuisance, you will want to have your carpet replaced, which can be a huge expense.

Thus, consider using other types of flooring. If you want something stylish and relatively low-cost, try using laminate flooring. If you’re willing to spend a little more, vinyl flooring is the best bang for the back because of its water resistance and durability. Both flooring options are very easy to clean, compared to carpets.

Choose Elevated Furniture

Most furniture has little to no distance between the floor. For example, your dresser may only be a few centimeters from the ground. This little space is difficult to get into, so it will be difficult to clean. Meanwhile, some furniture touches the ground. Even though it seems like the floor under this furniture would be “clean,” that’s not the case. Dust and grime can still gather under the furniture.

Thus, you’ll want to choose elevated furniture instead. The floor will be easier to sweep, vacuum, or mop your floors.

Cleaning your home is never an option. It needs to be done regularly for your own well-being and those who live with you. To make the chore easier, you can design your home in a way that it’s easy to clean.

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