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COVID-19 Mom-to-Be: An Essential Guide to a Healthy Baby

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If there’s a phase in a mother’s life that is most critical, it has to be that of her pregnancy. Couple bearing a child with all the challenges COVID-19 has thrown on the table, and things could really look uglier than it has to be. But the joys of motherhood cannot be overemphasized. Bringing a child into this world (no matter how chaotic) is a mother’s greatest gift to humanity.

The million-dollar question now is: What are the steps you need to take to ensure a healthy baby? How should you shield yourself from all the negative effects of the virus? Certainly, there is a need for mothers to be as vigilant as possible. But they shouldn’t worry too much. There are tried-and-tested steps to keep the virus away. If they take the necessary precaution, they should rest easy knowing they’re in the best care possible.

Keeping Yourself as Positive as Possible

A recent study revealed that one in seven pregnant women are affected by depression and anxiety. These numbers could be higher during the pandemic. Not only are there massive economic challenges, but the seemingly unstoppable advance of the virus has left a huge dent in the emotional health of millions of Americans, expecting mothers including.

You must watch out for the signs of depression while pregnant. Some of these are:

  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Crying with no apparent reason
  • Experiencing feelings of negative self-worth, hopelessness, sadness
  • Lack of energy/fatigue
  • Sleep issues
  • Appetite issues/overeating or loss of appetite

Know that depression is largely treatable. Unfortunately, if depression is untreated, it may negatively impact the unborn child. One reason for this is that a depressed mother can be inconsistent with proper self-care, not eating, or resting enough, for instance. This affects the baby both physically and mentally.

Worse, untreated depression can lead to postpartum depression. It’s a cycle that unbroken can hamper the proper growth of a child.

A pregnant woman must address the issue at once. A doctor for women should be able to navigate these dangerous waters into calmer ones. Not only will a qualified health professional be able to do preventive checkups, but she will also be able to provide concrete measures to ensure a healthy pregnancy throughout.

Additionally, a mom-to-be should explore the benefits of meditation to counter depression. Experts agree yoga and meditation can effectively lower stress levels. In fact, women who do so early in their pregnancy are bound to sail through the delivery room with greater ease.

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What You Can Do to Prevent the Virus

Know that CDC advisory details that pregnant women stand at a greater risk of contracting a severe illness due to the COVID-19 virus when compared to non-pregnant individuals. That only means you should observe greater caution in your daily interactions.

Top of the list is to minimize your interaction with high-risk people. You should refrain from talking to people even from your household, who have greater chances of contracting the virus. A classic example is a nurse whose work entails treating COVID-19 positive patients.

If you have to interact with high-risk people, you should protect yourself at all times. We’re talking about wearing a mask and observing a distance of about 6 feet (1.83 m) away from the person you’re interacting with.

Another key measure for you is to wash your hands. Do it for 20 seconds to ensure your hands are safe.

Then, you need to stay away from large social gatherings. As tempting as it is to go to a Christmas party of friends and family as it’s December, don’t. This is not the time to gamble.

Then again, you should ensure you’re getting needed vaccines during and after pregnancy. By taking good care of yourself, you take good care of the baby inside your womb. In time, you’ll definitely thank the heavens above once you hear your newborn baby cry.

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