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Cooking Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes During Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay inside, and businesses had to close temporarily, including restaurants. While delivery services are available in some places, they are done so with many precautions, and, therefore, you can expect slow service.

Not to mention, you could be risking your health.

It seems the best choice is to cook your own food and eat in, which is an excellent way to keep a healthy diet. Because you know the ingredients that go into a dish, you are consuming fewer chemicals and preservatives.

Eating in also prevents you from, say, checking the desserts menu after the meal. You can control what goes into your body.

But, of course, you will miss your favorite pasta or chicken dish from your favorite restaurants. Well, why not try making them yourself? If you’re not confident about your cooking skill, you can always improve it with a little help from the Internet.

Look for Recipes Online

The Internet is a treasure trove for recipes. You’ll pretty much find those popular menu items in restaurants, too. Many recipe websites even have app downloads so that you can easily access them on your phone and bookmark your favorite entries.

You can also join cooking forums or foodie communities so that you can swap recipes and share food stories. Joining an online community is one good way to connect with like-minded people during the lockdown.

Check Out Some Food Blogs

Again, the Internet is full of food bloggers (or vloggers). So if you need more help than just looking at the recipes, these blogs can offer various information on cooking the dish properly, what worked for them and what didn’t, or alternative ingredients you can use if the original ones on the recipe aren’t available.

Some blogs also have videos for added value. Try to look for local food bloggers in nearby areas so that you will easily get local ingredients and prepare familiar dishes.

Follow your favorite celebrity blogs if you’re a little adventurous and want to cook like a chef. But be ready to look for exotic or gourmet ingredients. It’ll be fun, though, and soon enough, you won’t miss dining out.

Enroll in an Online Cooking Class

There are thousands of free courses being offered online since the start of the global lockdown. Cooking classes are no exception. Let the professionals help you in your culinary journey by enrolling in a free online cooking course today.

Learning new things keeps our minds off the negative events outside and will significantly help with nourishing our mental health.

The Joy of Cooking


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When dining out and food delivery are not viable options, you can do the next best thing and cook for yourself or your family.

Other than preparing delicious and healthy meals that can rival those of your favorite eateries, cooking offers emotional benefits, too.  For one, cooking is therapeutic. Plus, knowing that you’re choosing the right food or keeping a healthy diet can inspire a positive change in your lifestyle.

There is no better time to show off your cooking skills than today.

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