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Living in Container Homes: 6 Reasons It’s Worth Considering

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As the housing market expands, shipping container homes have grown in popularity. On the outside, shipping container houses may not be appealing, but it has several benefits you’d surely enjoy. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one.

They’re Affordable

The best benefit of getting a container home is that it’s affordable. The costs that come with it are incomparable with traditional homes’ expenses, and getting one with an FHA loan for your new home can save you even more since they generally have lower down payments and don’t require a high credit score. Shipping container homes are pre-made properties since you already have a steel shell, and all buyers need to do is cut out the doors and window sections.

You also need to think about other factors, such as flooring, insulation, cabinetry, and other features. For conventional homes, you need to get the materials for construction and the general foundation of the house, adding more to your expenses. Container houses don’t need much of these, thus saving you a lot over time.

Container Homes Are Environmentally Friendly

Since shipping containers are made from steel, you can have the material recycled at any time, which is an excellent way to protect the environment and your general surroundings. Doing this with modern homes isn’t possible since they require a large amount of natural resources to build them, affecting the environment. With a shipping container home, you don’t need to use these natural resources to create space, and you can have your small yet cozy house anywhere.

Whether you’re an environmentally conscious individual or not, choosing a location where you don’t need to use natural resources can make all the difference. Besides that, there are other methods to keep your container home eco-friendly, such as adding house plants, installing glass tiles, and using alternative energy sources, such as solar power. Plus, the carbon footprint in a container home is relatively smaller since the living resources needed are minimal.

They’re Durable and Portable

Containers are meant initially to transport freight and generally large shipments. Often, the environments and general weather that these shipping containers need to endure are dangerous, making them extremely strong and sturdy. Manufacturers often make them resistant to weather conditions. When transformed into a home, the durability of these containers allows you to live comfortably without worrying about dangerous weather conditions, such as strong winds.

Just be careful of how much you cut into it since it’ll damage its structural integrity. Besides being incredibly sturdy, container homes are portable, making them highly convenient and allowing you to move your house near the beach in the summer or a quiet spot in the countryside during the weekend. After all, container homes are mobile houses that you can move around whenever you want to.

They’re Safer

Many container homes are situated in remote settings, and it’s normal to have safety concerns when shopping for a house. Usually, rural or remote infrastructures are at higher risk of break-ins. However, with steel containers, the job of breaking in is more challenging for unlawful individuals, making container houses safer than your conventional home. After all, the material used in making shipping containers is durable and withstands all kinds of harsh weather conditions, deterring a quick break-in.

Plus, shipping containers are heavy, making it impossible for someone to steal the entire property without attracting plenty of noise and commotion. So, container homes are relatively safe regardless of where you live.

Container Homes Are Flexible

Container homes give homeowners the chance to personalize the house, allowing them to expand the home or add other parts like bay windows or stairs. However, when designing container houses, it’s best to consider factors, such as the functionality you want and the weather around the area. After all, these homes aren’t your conventional properties. Nonetheless, you can have a multi-story house or cozy bungalow home, depending on what you like.

They’re Unique

When looking at shipping containers, they look similar, showing nothing that’s too attractive from the onset. But container homes are different. That’s because homeowners can design these tiny houses freely, allowing them to turn these basic-looking containers into an attractive property in no time. From its window to front door design, each container home is unique and lets the owner explore their creative side while maintaining a welcoming ambiance.

If you’re considering having a custom and unique house on a budget, getting a container home is your best option — and the reasons mentioned are just some of the many benefits container houses have to offer. After deciding to live in one, begin by working with the right people to get it right from the start.

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