Cold on So Many Levels: Winter Preparation That Will Save Your Life

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Accidents can strike when you least expect it, especially during natural calamities like winter storms. Winter storms can create a higher risk of car accidents in affected areas. It can even cause hypothermia and heart attacks due to overexertion.

Snowstorms and extreme cold can last for a few hours or even several days, depending on its strength. It can knock out your entire area's power supply and can also affect communication services. That's why it's best to know what you should do to stay safe when a winter storm strikes.

Preparing for a Winter Storm

Everyone's safety should be your topmost priority. You need to talk to everyone in the family and let them know what to do once the winter storm strikes. Remember that weather conditions like this can be scary for children, so it's best to discuss it with them ahead of time.

You also need to get your vehicle winter-ready even before the winter season to reduce the chances of getting stranded. Ensure that you have batteries, wipers, and antifreeze inside your car. You should also check the thermostat, heater, exhaust system, and defroster to see if everything's working.

Contact any snow hauling service in Grande Prairie beforehand and get them to stock road salts near your area to prevent ice from excessively building up. You can also service snow removal equipment if you have any before the winter storm to make that it's in good working condition.

What to Listen to the News

You need to take immediate precautions as soon as you hear winter storm warning or blizzard warning on the news. Doing so can help keep you and your loved one safe, especially once it hits the area. Winter storms can be life-threatening and should be taken seriously.

You also need to listen to the wind chill temperature to know how cold people and animals can feel when they're outside. Remember that it's not the actual temperature but rather how it feels when a person gets exposed to the wind.

Listen for details about the winter storm outlook and the winter storm watch, too. The weather can last for the next two to five days. It's best to get yourself updated with the news consistently. Also, winter weather conditions can cause massive inconveniences for everyone. You need to stay on your toes to ensure your safety.

Pet dog indoor winter

It's not safe for any of your companion animals to stay outdoors. So, it's best to bring them indoors and see if they have enough supply to last for days. You should also be ready to clean up if they're used to eliminating outdoors.

Also, create a space for them where they can feel comfortable during the weather condition. If you have any grazing animals, you need to check if they have access to protected food supply as well as a non-frozen source of water.

You need to get everyone ready. Don't wait for any major disaster to strike. Listen to the local radio station for any updates and get everyone prepared if you need to evacuate.

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