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6 Classic Interior Home Designs That Will Always be in Style

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It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends when it comes to interior home design. There are always new styles coming out, and they can be tempting because of how “fresh” they look.

But there are also some designs that will never go out of style no matter how many years pass by. A lot of these designs are classics because they were ahead of their time and have transcended the test of time.

The six classic interior home designs that we have chosen for this article are timeless and can be carried into any era. Read below.

1. Contemporary — Clean and Simple with Minimalism

First on our list is contemporary design, and it may be the most popular interior home design of all time. It’s clean and simple, but maintains a high level of sophistication. This look works well for just about any home design, and it’s pretty versatile as well.

This look doesn’t require much fuss or embellishment, but simply a neutral backdrop with pops of color via accents and artwork.

One big influence to this minimalistic style is the Japanese aesthetic. Many people find that Japanese designs make them feel at peace. This is exactly why it’s so popular in interior home design.

2. Vintage Industrial — A Blend of Old and New with Subtle Details

The vintage industrial look features mostly antique elements combined with modern, sometimes high tech details. The result is a beautiful arrangement that harmoniously brings the best of both worlds together. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, with a lot of subtle accents.

The dark metal finish is quite popular in the vintage industrial design style. You can see it featured on tables, chairs, lamps, etc. The other key feature that gives this interior home design its charm are the many finishes found on various fixtures. These things include rustic, weathered decorative wood panels and finishes with a worn look.

3. Beaux-Arts — The Beauty of Sophisticated and Ornate Details

The beaux-arts style is similar to the French deco because it’s inspired by the “art de vivre” philosophy. It’s all about refining one’s lifestyle in a way that brings out the most satisfaction.

This classic interior home design style is all about fine materials and ornate details. It’s also known for its use of traditional motifs, which often include botanical decorations. These elements are prevalent when you’re looking at French inspired decorating items. You’ll notice them on wallpaper, furniture fabric, upholstery, etc.

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4. English Country — Shabby Chic Elegance with Warmth

English country style features ornate furniture pieces that are associated with the old world charm of England. It may be a stylish design but it has an inviting quality to it as well. It’s perfect for anyone that wants a vintage but livable home design.

The English country style is all about shabby chic charm, so it doesn’t take much to achieve the look. This classic interior home design features pieces with worn finishes and elegant yet simple decorations, which are complemented by warm accent colors like light blue, green, and yellow.

5. Art Deco — Clean Lines and Bold Geometric Decorations

Art deco, the classic interior home design that uses bold angles to emphasize its geometric motifs. The more you look at it, the more this style comes across as iconic. It’s easily recognizable by its use of angular shapes, including chevrons and other similar design elements.

The art deco interior home design lends itself well to minimalistic designs. It also works well with modern interiors because of its clean lines. The key thing here is the use of bold geometric shapes. If you want to achieve the art deco look then be sure to incorporate this element into your design.

6. Hipster — A Contemporary Approach to Vintage Elegance

The hipster design style is a contemporary take on vintage elegance. This means it’s perfect for those that love the looks of other classic interior home designs but also want a touch of modern style as well.

The hipster style comes across as a mix of many things with a hint of retro. This unique cozy style is often characterized by the use of vintage pieces that went through a modern transformation. As a result, you can find hipster interiors with mid-century furnishings that have been painted in contemporary colors.

Now you know more about six classic interior home designs that will always be in style. These styles have a timeless quality that works well in either an old or brand-new home. So go ahead and choose one, mix it with other decor styles, and make it your own.

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